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Wow, We Can’t Wait For ‘Power’ To Return After That Shocking Midseason Finale

Whew—last night’s midseason finale left fans of Courtney Kemp’s critically acclaimed Starz series hungry as ever for answers. Thankfully, the finale credits revealed these Power season 6 return date details, and it’s looking like we won’t have to wait too long to get closure after that cliffhanger. You know, the one involving Ghost? If you don’t, please pause and come back, because we have to discuss these “No One Can Stop Me” spoilers ahead, along with what showrunner Kemp has to say about all of it.

Fans can finally confirm Ghost’s fate on January 5, 2020, when Power returns for its final five episodes. After Ghost (Omari Hardwick) was shot and left falling through the air, we are all desperate to know whether he survived. Showrunner kemp isn’t exactly known for letting her beloved characters live (i.e. LaKeisha, Angela, and more…) but a girl can dream. We’re also looking forward to learning who exactly shot Ghost in the first place. Kemp and her writing team are impeccable storytellers, which means they made sure to trip us up when it comes to sussing out Ghost’s attacker. Honestly, at this point, anyone from Saxe, Tommy, Tasha, Tate, Paz, Dre, or Tariq were all on their way with guns and plenty of motive. And it looks like Kemp isn’t giving us hints any time soon.

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In an interview with EW, the showrunner effectively declined to comment when an interview pressed her for more information. “What I hope, and I’m actually asking you the question, is that you watched the episode and you got a good sense that all of those people have a really good motive to shoot him, and that Blanca has a good motive to arrest him, and that it could be any one of those people who could have pulled the trigger as she was on her way to serve an arrest warrant, right?” Yes, ma’am.

Still, that doesn’t make waiting any easier. Kemp is no easy crack. “I think that’s you again trying to be slick, which I appreciate,” she joked with EW, “But no, it’s going to look like the answer to a lot of things,” she said of the final season.

It’s all we can hope for! 2020 can’t come fast enough.


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