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Which Fashion Jobs Pay the Most?

Download Fashionista’s 2023-2024 Salary Report below.

Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight; Artwork: Fashionista

As glamorous as they may look, fashion jobs aren’t exactly known for being massively lucrative, especially for those early on in their careers. That said, some fields within the fashion industry pay better than others.

According to our latest annual Fashionista Salary Survey Report, people working in retail (including buying and sales) had the highest distribution of $100k+ salaries by a significant margin, followed by PR. You can see the full distribution of six-figure fashion salaries in the graphic below.

Download Fashionista’s 2023-2024 Salary Report below.

Given today’s economic uncertainties, salary transparency feels more important than ever. Whether you’re wondering what your dream fashion job typically pays, what other people in your same position make on average or how compensation fluctuates with seniority or gender, Fashionista’s annual salary report is here to help.

Over December 2023 and January 2024, we anonymously surveyed about 500 people working across the fashion industry, including retail, PR, design, media, marketing and product development. They work for companies including Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom, Gucci, Nike, Kering, Condé Nast, Hearst and more; some are self-employed freelancers.

In the report, you’ll find average salaries for roles ranging from assistant buyer to fashion director, from senior publicist to account executive, from staff writer to editorial director. You’ll also see how those numbers correspond with years of experience, location, company size, ethnicity and gender.

To download the full report for free, simply enter your details below.

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