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What a Fashion Writer Wears to the Met Gala

Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Frischer

When it comes to the Met Gala, public attention is rightfully focused on the major celebrities who walk up the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art steps each year. But there are plenty of other guests who attend the star-studded fashion event — including the press.  

This year, I was granted the incredible opportunity to cover the carpet for Fashionista (as recapped on The Fashionista Network!). With the theme being “Garden of Time,” I immediately knew I wanted to wear a look by Caroline Zimbalist, an emerging designer who creates nature-inspired pieces.

I was introduced to Zimbalist by Lindsey Solomon, a New York City-based fashion publicist. What makes her work so eye-catching is her innovative use of biomaterials to create liquid-looking, armor-like pieces. Often, her designs can emulate flower petals (perfect for this year’s botanical dress code) while also appearing somewhat melted (representative of time melting away).

Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Frischer

My job as Fashionista’s social lead doesn’t involve floating up the steps with several helping hands ready to assist at any moment. Rather, it’s to stand (for hours) to the side next to dozens of other editors and media while capturing content (see it all here and here). Therefore, my outfit had to be just as practical as it was captivating.

Zimbalist and I decided a custom look was the best course of action. So, over four days, we collaborated on the most amazing three-piece outfit that would be as comfortable and contained as possible, while still being something creative, interesting and, most importantly, on-theme.

The first layer is a singular panel of lavender semi-sheer cotton gauze fabric attached to a short piece of Zimbalist’s flexible bioplastic material in a burnt orange hue. The second is a larger version of the same flexible bioplastic — this time in green, purple, orange and pink — custom-tailored to my body and attached to a full skirt made from the same purple fabric. The two pieces meet each other at my hip, creating an adjustable slit at the leg.

Finally, she created a lightweight hard-shell bodice (similar to one from her Fall 2024 collection) that mimicked the effect of a corset. With the help of a ribbon closure at its side and Zimbalist’s heat gun pointed at my waist, the piece created an elegant hourglass silhouette.

Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Frischer

We accessorized the look with a singular statement earring made from Zimbalist’s same purple-toned biomaterials, lilac tights and customized Katy Perry Collection heeled sandals, plus gold rings and bracelets from Khepri Jewels.

The outfit not only held up throughout the seven-hour-long event, it also made me feel confident, secure and beautiful the entire fun-filled evening. 

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