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We’re Convinced That Justin Bieber’s New Neck Tattoo Contains a Clue About His Next Album

As if he hasn’t been teasing Beliebers enough already, it looks like the Biebs might just be featuring another clue about his next album literally on his body. Is it possible that Justin Bieber’s 2020 album name matches his neck tattoo? Look, we know we just got news about this fresh ink, and it could just be something he was planning for a while—but artists do like to make grand gestures in the name of their art all the time. So if we entertain the idea—what’s the name in question, anyway?

“Forever.” Yep, following 2012’s Believe and 2015’s Purpose, fans are thoroughly convinced that Forever will be the final noun to complete this holy trifecta of Pinterest-ready album titles, all thanks to the fact that this word is now permanently etched on Bieber’s neck. After all, the two former titles are also tattooed elsewhere on his body, with “believe” featured on his forearm and “purpose” set just above his navel. TMZ is convinced, if that’s any consolation.

Bieber got his new body art courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, who has seemingly had a busy couple of weeks as far as music stars go—back in December, he finished up a similarly influential tattoo on Demi Lovato in honor of her recovery. And Bieber can most certainly relate: If anything “Forever” is likely a reference to devoting himself to his wife, Hailey Bieber, after she supported him through his recent mental health struggles with depression and addiction. His forthcoming album is reportedly dedicated to her altogether, and if the lyrics to his recent single “Yummy” are any indication, we can expect Bieber to deliver on that.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It’s rumored that his new album will arrive sometime in March 2020. The new project will reportedly feature collaborations with Travis Scott, Post Malone, Kehlani and more. But whether it’s named Forever or R&Bieber (another frontrunner) is still up for debate—so we can only stay tuned for updates soon.


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