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Welp—Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Was Leaked Early Today & Fans Are Not Happy

So we’re a little confused. Lover was supposed to be released on August 23 (AKA tomorrow, or midnight tonight). But Taylor Swift’s Lover album leaked and Twitter is in a frenzy. Now, normally this would be good news, right? Because, like, who doesn’t want to hear the super talented, super lovable Swift’s new music?

It’s just simply not cool of these people to leak it early. These days, it seems people have the patience of a walnut—we’re not sure what that means, but we’re operating under the assumption that walnuts are super impatient. Instead of just waiting for another—what, 12 hours?—her songs were leaked and are floating all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, you name it. Fans are upset because it feels unfair to the artist as well as her fans. She was robbed of sharing her music when she wanted, and we were robbed of hearing it as it was intended—all at one, full album on repeat. Ugh.

Swifties took things into their own hands, though. After expressing how upsetting it was to have these leaks, they took it a step further. Swifties began reporting the accounts that shared the leaks, in an attempt to prevent the music from spreading further.

Swift performed on Good Morning America earlier this morning and told the hosts that this will be the first album she officially owns. Unfortunately, a leak is probably the last thing she wanted. But luckily it seems like most of her fans are wanting to wait for the official drop. You better believe we’ll be on the lookout tonight around midnight.

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