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We Think Harry Styles Has a Secret Twin & He’s a Starbucks Barista Named Sean

You know that saying that there are at least seven people who look exactly like you in the world? Well, it’s definitely true for Hazza over here. This Harry Styles’ look-alike Starbucks video has us equal parts confused, shocked, and thrilled. Turns out, a TikTok user found the 25-year-old singer’s absolute doppelgänger working the coffee chain’s drive-thru window, and thankfully, they recorded a clip of him to share with the world.

Sometimes these “doppelgängers” really only look sort of like the person in question. But this guy is Harry’s spitting image! You’ll need to see it to believe it yourself, but before you do, here’s what we know about Starbucks Harry. His name is actually Sean (apparently, because we’re still not convinced it isn’t Harry himself.) He wears his hair just like Harry’s signature half-up, half-down bun. He’s got dimples. And if you ask us, he’s giving us major Harry-circa-X Factor vibes with the babyface.”Are you Harry Styles,” the driver asks in the now-viral TikTok video. “We’re literally listening to your song right now.”

Curious minds want to know: Was that “Watermelon Sugar” or “Adore You“? We’re definitely feeling the latter after looking at this barista’s face. And so are fans. “Ma’am please go back and ask for his @,” one fan wrote. “This is the closest I’ll have to Harry Styles.”

Another commenter asked the burning questions: “Where is this Starbucks located I would like to locate this Starbucks so if you could please drop the location I will locate it.” We don’t blame ’em.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, others are arguing in the replies over whether the Starbucks barista is Harry himself or whether it’s, uh, The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien. “Bro that’s literally Harry,” someone replied. “Bro that’s literally him.” But others are compromising, suggesting that Sean looks most like the imaginary lovechild of the two stars. “He looks like if Harry and Dylan O’Brien [had] a child,” one user chimed in.

We look forward to more details about any and all of these possibilities.


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