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We Have a Pretty Good Guess For Who Kangaroo Is on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3

Move aside, 49ers and Chiefs. The Masked Singer was the real star of Super Bowl Sunday. The reality singing competition returned on Sunday, February 2, and it didn’t take long for fans to form their own Masked Singer season 3 predictions. For those who are unaware, the Masked Singer is reality singing competition where celebrities, from Raven Symone to T-Pain, perform in head-to-toe costumes as a panel of judges try to guess who they are.

The show is based on the South Korean series King of Masked Singer, which has had artists like BTS’ Jungkook and BLACKPINK’s Rose wear masks. The American version, which premiered in January 2019, is hosted by Nick Cannon and is judged by Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. If the premise sounds wild, it’s because it is. But that’s also what makes The Masked Singer so original, and why it brings in millions of viewers each week.

There are 18 celebrity contestants on this season, which is six more than when The Masked Singer first debuted on FOX a year ago. If season 3 is anything like the past two seasons, it’s sure to be a wild ride. Follow along with us as we predict who’s who on The Masked Singer season 3 group A.

White Tiger

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Our prediction: Rob Gronkowski

We think the panelists were right when they guessed the Gronk as the White Tiger. The White Tiger sang “Ice Ice Baby” as his Week 1 song, and as Jamie Foxx assumed, he probably is white. The White Tiger also is tall, as seen him dwarfing Nick Cannon, which means that he likely has a career where being big is an advantage, like a football player. The panelists also believed that the clam-shucking clue was a reference to New England a.k.a. the home of the Gronk’s former team, the New England Patriots. Fans also pointed out that Abraham Lincoln could be a nod to four scores and seven years ago, which equals 47, the Gronk’s number.

Clues: Abraham Lincoln, clam-shucking, 5/3

Panelist guesses so far: John Cena, Jason Momoa


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Our prediction: Jesse McCartney

The panelists kept saying that the Turtle sounds like he’s a boy band. While Thicke guessed that he’s someone in New Kids on the Block and viewers think he could be Kevin Jonas, our money so far is Jesse McCartney. McCartney isn’t in a boy band, but as a teen pop star of the ’00s, he has that boy band energy. The Turtle also performed “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal and gave a literal rose to an audience member. Sure, he could be a former Bachelor, but we think it’s another clue to his heartthrob status. One of the Turtle’s clues was also a surfboard, which could be a reference to McCartney’s short-lived WB show Summerland or his many Teen Choice Awards. Though those clues could also fit for Scherzinger’s guess Zac Efron…

Clues: Surfboard, burgers, step by step, bunny ears, runners

Panelist guesses so far: Donnie Wahlberg, Zac Efron, Joey McIntyre


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Our prediction: Drew Carey

On the Masked Singer‘s Instagram page, the main guess for the Llama is Drew Carey. Fans even pointed to Carey’s singing voice on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which they believe sounds a lot like the Llama’s performance of “She Bangs” on Week 1. Viewers have also noted the Seattle clue, which some think is a reference to how Carey is a part owner in the Seattle Sounders FC football team. It could be possible, especially given that Carey’s Whose Line costar, Wayne Brady, won The Masked Singer season 2.

Clues: Radio show, Jack and ace (21/Blackjack), Seattle, Buddha statue

Panelist guesses so far: David Spade, Joel McHale

Miss Monster

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Our prediction: Chaka Khan

Scherzinger said Miss Monster sounded like a legendary diva when she sang “Something To Talk About,”  but instead of Dolly Parton or Dionne Warwick, we believe that Miss Monster is Chaka Khan. In her intro package, the camera flashed to a number 10 on Miss Monster’s locker, which could be a reference to Khan’s 10 Grammy Awards. (She is one of the most decorated female Grammy winners, you know.) As some sites have pointed out, the “monster” could be a reference to a monster hit, while the hairspray clue could be a nod to her iconic hair.

Clues: Hairspray, being misunderstood, #10, crush on season 1’s Monster (a.k.a. T-Pain)

Panelist guesses so far: Dolly Parton, Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick


Identity: Lil Wayne

At the end of the season 3 premiere, Cannon revealed that the Robot is Grammy winner Lil Wayne, who sang “Are You Gonna Go My Own Way” under the mask. As a five-time Grammy winner, Wayne is def one of the Masked Singer’s bigger gets, and none of the panelists guessed him. In his exit interview, he said he chose the robot because his kids love robots.

Clues: Skateboard, firetruck, toughness, video game controller, “weighing in”

Panelist guesses: Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, Shawn White

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram


Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Our guess: Jordyn Woods

This may come out of left field, but the main guess fans have for the Kangaroo is Jordyn Woods, a.k.a. Kylie Jenner’s former best friend who kissed Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Hear us out: The Kangaroo’s intro package was all about how she “survived” something hard and how she was “in the spotlight for the wrong reasons” in the past year. Woods was for sure a part of one of the most talked-about celebrity controversies of 2019. The package also talked about how the Kangaroo lost someone in her family. Woods’ father, John Woods, died in 2017. But the real question: Can Jordyn Woods sing? Well, in this old Snapchat video with Kylie Jenner, Woods has a decent enough voice. She and Kylie are just singing in the car, but it sounds like she could hold a tune, so why can’t she be the Kangaroo on The Masked Singer?

Clues: “Survivor,” lost someone close to her family, a phonograph, “in the spotlight for the wrong reasons”

Panelist guesses: Jordin Sparks, Kelly Rowland, Iggy Azalea


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