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Walter Chiapponi Exits Blumarine After One Season

Walter Chiapponi doing the final walk at his Fall 2024 Blumarine show.

Photo: Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images

On Thursday, Walter Chiapponi announced he’s leaving his position as creative director of Blumarine, less than six months since joining the Italian fashion brand. 

Chiapponi took the helm of Blumarine in November 2023, and revealed his first (and last) collection for the brand mere weeks ago at Milan Fashion Week

“For me, it was a sort of return to the future in which I focussed all my love and creative passion,” the designer said, in a statement, which he also posted to his Instagram account. “My thanks for this experience go first and foremost to Marco Marchi, who made it possible, but also to all those without whom I wouldn’t have been able to express myself as I did. I am especially referring to people I have loved and who are no longer with us, but who continue to instill strong emotions in me, to inspire my feelings and my journey.” 

This isn’t exactly another example of creative director musical chairs, though: Chiapponi has spoken about his grief after what he called a “horrible year,” losing a nephew, a dog and his friend Davide Renne in 2023. He paid tribute to the latter at his debut runway show for Blumarine.

Chiapponi closed the Fall 2024 show in an ode to his close friend, Davide Renne, who passed away in November 2023.

Photo: Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images

In an Instagram post announcing his exit, Chiapponi said he wants “to concentrate on new initiatives and projects with a social and humanitarian scope before returning at a later date, at the right time, to the catwalk.”

Marchi, the sole administrator of Eccellenze Italiane Holding, Blumarine’s parent company, thanked Chiapponi for his contributions to the brand: “This experience will remain unique at a special moment in Blumarine’s history. I am grateful to Walter Chiapponi for pouring so much of himself into this collection. It has been an extraordinary adventure. I wish Walter all the best for the continuation of his journey.”

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