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Wait, Is Miley Cyrus Actually Pregnant? Cody Simpson Had a Funny Way of Answering That

Just because he’s talking about having a baby doesn’t mean there’s one already on the way! Cody Simpson’s response to Miley Cyrus’ pregnancy rumors is finally setting the record straight after this recent confusion.

Baby speculations came about after Cody, 23, revealed his plans for his future family in a suggestive interview with The Sunday Telegraph on Feb. 29. The Aussie singer hinted that he “absolutely” wanted his kids to grow up in Australia—but some took that to mean that he and Miley, 27, were already expecting.

But Cody is clearing that right up for us. The singer, who is currently working on his new album featuring girlfriend Miley, took to Australia’s Today show to address the rumors. Host Karl Stefanovic brought the topic up, saying, “There were rumors going around yesterday you were pregnant. Are you pregnant?” Thank you for asking the hard-hitting questions, Karl!

Always the joker, Cody responded in the best way possible: “Oh yeah, for years apparently,” he offered.

The singer-songwriter went on to explain that he just tries to avoid feeding into the rumors. “You have to take it in stride. What I try to do is focus on my work and what’s important to me,” he said. “The rest kind of comes along with it. It’s all part of it. Something you have to be cool with.”

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Cody’s right about finding that balance—after all, he’s always making the most of things when it comes to work and romance. When they’re not in the studio, Miley and Cody can probably be spotted making out across restaurant tables or groping each other on Instagram. And even when they’re hard at work, they know how to mix in a little bit of pleasure—apparently, Miley flashes her boobs while Cody’s singing.

Clearly, they’re still a little too busy enjoying each other to settle on having kids just yet. Let them live!


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