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Um…Kendall Jenner Just Posted A Video Of Herself Kissing Bella Hadid

Did we miss something, or do BFFs make out with each other these days? Kendall Jenner posted a video kissing Bella Hadid and we are just trying to catch up. Kendall shared the clip on Instagram for Bella’s 23rd birthday, along with the caption: “Happy birthday sexy.” Those two are just friends, right? …Right?

Kendall and Bella’s friendship goes back a long time. They’re both runway models, and they’ve only become closer and closer over the years—at this point they’re basically inseparable. So of course, Kendall had to share a birthday tribute to Bella for her 23rd birthday. I mean, if you don’t celebrate your birthday on Instagram, then did it even really happen?! A shoutout from Kendall was inevitable.

But we definitely didn’t see THIS coming. Kendall shared a video that shows her straddling Bella on the ground. The girls kiss, and it’s not just a brief peck. There’s full-on lip contact for multiple seconds! After the kiss, Bella leans back and giggles.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, let’s note that Kendall has long been rumored to be gay, largely because she never confirms any of her relationships with men and isn’t big on PDA. It’s easy to see why this very gay-looking kiss could fuel those rumors (rumors that she has denied, BTW).

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Also, Bella has reportedly been single for the past couple of months after ending things with The Weeknd.

On the other hand! As far as we know, both of these ladies are straight. Plus, if they were involved romantically, it’s very unlikely that Kendall would choose to announce it with this birthday video. It’s far more likely that these two BFFs were just having fun and being silly, and maybe trolling the masses.

Bella’s birthday celebrations were much more low-key than Kendall’s provocative video. She reportedly celebrated with a cute pottery painting date with her family and her brother’s girlfriend Dua Lipa. Happy birthday Bella!


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