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Um, Kylie Jenner & Her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou Threw A Party After Getting Matching Surgeries

Best friends who get surgery together, stay together. Or at least that’s what it seems like if we’re basing it off of these Kylie Jenner and Stassie Karanikolaou Lasik eye surgery details. While these BFF’s were blind as bats together, they not only decided to go under the knife—err, laser—they even celebrated the gift of restored sight with matching eyeball dresses (which are cuter than they sound,) and a night out partying. Honestly, where’s my party for buying a new month’s supply of contacts? Anyone? I’ll see myself out (See what I did there? Ok, ok, no more puns!)

Only a day after Kylie filed to trademark her viral “rise and shine” phrase for its use on merch and cosmetics, her bestie, Anastasia “Stassie Baby” Karanikolaou uploaded a vlog to YouTube about their experience getting matching eye surgeries. Anything for the content, am I right folks? At the vlog’s onset, Karanikolaou details their night out getting dinner and drinks at Nobu—a welcome preparation for the next day’s surgery schedule.

Stassie’s vlog segues into their appointments, showing what it’s like to get under the laser and emerge with renewed vision. We see a sleepy Kylie in the corny, still loopy after her own round at Lasik.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

“How do you feel?” Stassie asked her BFF, to which Kylie smiled. Gotta love that post-surgery bliss. “I’m a bit loopy,” Stassie says herself. After they leave the doctor’s office, the two settled in at Kylie’s house for a nap—only to commence celebrations the following day.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

“My sight has been born,” Kylie said in their party bus. “It’s my fucking birthday!” (Not literally. But we get the picture!) The pair wore matching, bright pink latex dresses with pop-art-esque eyes positioned across the bodice to mark the special ocassion. It’s exactly the kind of inside joke and celebration that two besties would find funny enough to share, and honestly, eye love it. (I had to!)


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