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Twitter Blows Up Over Megan Fox's Barely-There Mugler Dress at the 2021 MTV VMAs

Megan Fox did not disappoint when she stepped onto the MTV VMAs red carpet on Sunday night. After a week of showing skin all around New York City, the actress said, “Oh, I can top that, honey,” and top it she did. Fox arrived at the award show in a completely sheer Thierry Mugler dress, styled by Maeve Reily.

A see-through dress calls for the perfect undergarments, and Fox’s bedazzled thong paired perfectly with the mesmerizing lines of rhinestones adorning the garment. She finished off the look with a pair of Jimmy Choos and some wet, wavy hair. The look in full is very reminiscent of Kim Kardashian at 2019 Met Gala, where she also wore a nude dress designed by Thierry Mugler himself paired with wet hair (Fox’s dress comes from Mugler’s current creative director, Casey Cadwallader).

The similarities between the two women’s looks did not go unnoticed and many flocked to Twitter to discuss. Other also compared Fox’s dress to Rose McGowan’s barely-there Maja dress from the 1998 VMAs, another iconic moment in the show’s red carpet history.

References aside, the look is hot with a capital H, once again, ask Twitter. Fox’s Fans cannot get enough of the dress, as well as her ultimate accessory—boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly on her arm.

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