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TWICE’s Momo & Super Junior’s Heechul Are Dating & Try Not to Freak Out

Try not to freak out, ONCEs and ELF. TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul are dating. Super Junior’s management company, Label SJ, confirmed the news to the Korea Herald on Thursday, Jan. 2. “After getting along as close colleagues of show business, the two have recently started liking and dating each other,” a rep for the agency said.

The Korea Herald also reported that TWICE’s talent agency, JYP Entertainment, also confirmed the relationship. The confirmation comes after Market News reported in August that Momo and Heechul were dating, which SJ Label and JYP Entertainment denied at the time.

“The two of them are currently developing a beautiful love for each other despite their busy schedules. It’s been said that in the rough entertainment industry where many incidents occur, they are a great source of support for each other. Their relationship began as ‘close seniors and juniors’ but they are now a couple,” Market News reported in August, adding that the couple met each other in 2017 after TWICE and Super Junior appeared on a program together.

“Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and TWICE’s Momo are close friends with a senior-junior relationship. [The dating reports] are false,” a representative for SJ Label told Market News at the time.

JYP Entertainment also released a statement, adding “[The dating reports] are false, and the two are just close friends with a senior-junior relationship.”

Since news broke of Momo and Heechul’s relationship, members of both fandoms have taken to Twitter to support the idols in their new romance. “Today SM and JYP have confirmed that Momo’s dating rumors of Twice and Heechul are true. Let’s give them a lot of love. Be happy together, we support you,” one user wrote.

Another tweeted “When Idol fanboys dance to Signal and go jiirriit jiiriit, then ended up dating a TWICE member,” alongside a photo of Super Junior performing the choreography to TWICE’s “Signal.”

Momo isn’t TWICE’s only member to go public with their relationship. In August, JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment confirmed that TWICE’s Jihyo and Korean singer Kang Daniel are dating. “They are currently meeting with interest in each other,” the agencies said in a statement.

New year, new romance. We love to see it.


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