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This Woman Is Going Viral After Using Gorilla Glue Instead Of Hairspray & Ending Up In The Hospital

It has not been an easy few weeks for Tessica Brown. The Internet can’t look away from Brown’s plight, her decision to use Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray, leaving her hair permanently (it seems) stuck to her scalp. Luckily, we’re seeing a lot of support for her; She knows she made a mistake by grabbing the spray-on glue when she was out of her usual Got2b Glued hairspray. Like everything right now, it all started on TikTok.

“My hair has been like this for about a month now,” Brown says to the camera. “It’s not by choice.” She explains how she usually uses the Got2b Glued spray when she’s done doing her hair to “keep it in place” but she was out so she used Gorilla Max Strength Construction Adhesive. “Bad, bad, bad, idea,” she says. Brown reveals she’s washed her hair 15 times and her strands won’t move. The video, which was posted on February 3, has more than three million likes and 128k comments, including from celebrities such as Shai Jackson and major influencers.

Trigger warning: these videos can be difficult to watch.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Brown took to Instagram and Twitter to continue speaking about her journey, where she now has more than 600k followers watching and feeling her pain.  After taking advice from some dermatologists on TikTok, Brown went to the ER over the weekend and was given acetone. So far, it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Folks are rallying around her, sending her not only advice and good thoughts but also money. Her GoFundMe has raised almost $11,000 for her medical care. Beyonce’s longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah offered to help, as well as estheticians like Nayamka Roberts-Smith.

Reporter Darian Symoné Harvin reached out to Gorilla Glue, which sent over a statement. You can read it in full on  Harvin’s Instagram.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

As of publication, the last we’ve heard from Brown is when she took to Instagram earlier Monday to thank everyone for their support. Needless to say, we’re sending our own hugs and well wishes as we watch her every move.

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