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This Vegan Styling Cream Defines My Curls Better Than Almost Anything Else

Rahua Enchanted Island Vegan Curl Butter, $48, available here

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In my experience as a curly hair haver, it always feels like somewhat of a milestone whenever I learn a new way to care for or style my hair and unlock a higher level of definition. Those little “aha” moments can feel much bigger — sort of like when a mad scientist in a movie figures out the chemical key to some potion and shrieks in revelation. I most recently experienced my own curly mad scientist moment when I tried Rahua‘s curl butter for the first time.

The dense styling cream smells mildly fruity and sweet, and has a baby pinkish hue. It’s spiked with plenty of moisturizing and de-frizzing ingredients, like aloe extract, coconut oil, glycerin and shea butter. I rake a dab through my hair when it’s sopping wet, fresh out of the shower for instant smoothness. Then, to style, I scrunch my hair and use the diffuser attachment on a blow dyer, time permitting, to get beautifully formed curls.

Since the butter is thick, a little goes a long way, depending on specific hair texture and thickness. If there’s ever a region where I find I’ve added too much of the product and it seems to be weighing down my strands, I thin it out a bit by adding water. 

Photo: Andrea Bossi/Fashionista

Photo: Andrea Bossi/Fashionista

The results? A stunning level of definition. And even better, that definition lasts. The above photo on the left was taken immediately after using the product, while I captured the one on the right two days later. Even after 48 hours, my curls remained gloriously defined and minimally frizzy.

I’ve been trying hair products my entire life on a quest for my healthiest, most defined curls. In moments where I find something truly phenomenal, I feel a moral obligation to share my insights with my fellow curl-friends. At $48, this styler is priced higher than many other formulas out there, but if you ask me, it’s totally worth it for the new curls it’ll introduce you to.

Rahua Enchanted Island Vegan Curl Butter, $48, available here

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