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This Repairing Treatment Works ‘Within Days’ to Bring Yellow, Brittle Nails Back to Life

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I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my toenails turn a shade of yellow before and it’s straight up embarrassing. Even more humiliating, it’s commonly the result of an infection. The good news is, so long as you aren’t seeing severe issues, such as pain, swelling or bleeding, it can easily be remedied. 

During those moments, I wish I had the Kerasal Nail Renewal treatment on hand. The topical nail treatment swiftly revives yellow, brittle nails—reviewers claim it works in as fast as two days. It has clinically proven ingredients that repair damage from fungus (I know, gross); propylene glycol and lactic acid with urea, Kerasal’s patented fungal nail renewal formula, go deep beneath the nail plate and address the root problems to bring the area back to life.

Kerasal Nail Renewal


Kerasal Nail Renewal

The $19 treatment (it’s currently on sale at Amazon) reduces discoloration, hydrates and exfoliates brittle nail plates and loosens damaged layers to reveal pinker, smoother nails. It applies just like regular nail polish; cover each nail with a thin layer of the formula daily, as well as the underside of the nail’s free edge.

One look at the product’s reviews section will tell you everything you need to know (you’ll also see some knarly toe nail photos, but hey if it works, it works); over 33,000 people have shown love for the treatment, calling it “magic” and “liquid gold” since it works fast and effectively on the roughest of fungus.

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“Works within seconds and works as advertised! Shocking to find a product that ACTUALLY works,” shared one shopper. “It’s expensive but lasts a long time so I think it’s worth it. It helped the appearance of my nails – they were yellow and had vertical lines and were dry. Seconds after, nails are pink and look fine!”
“After 3-4 days my nails were 80 percent clearer! They look so much better,” said another. “I think part of my results may be due to me applying the Kerasal after my morning and evening bath. The nail is softer and more permeable after a bath (or soaking) is my theory. Nevertheless, it worked for me!”
Let’s all listen to these Amazon shoppers and “seriously, buy the product.
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