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This Is Where Tom Holland Stands After That Whole Marvel x Sony ‘Spider-Man’ Debacle

Ugh, honestly, Hollywood can be so tiresome with their talks and their contracts. Just give the people what they want! Tom Holland’s Spider-Man role with Marvel x Sony is now in jeopardy because annoying men in suits are in a boardroom somewhere yelling about money. So if you didn’t know–after years of some rather lackluster Spider-Men (sorry Andrew Garfield)–Marvel and Sony finally found the perfect Peter Parker in Tom. He’s quippy, cute and delivers the web-slinger to an entirely new generation of Marvel fans.

However, with the whole Fox/Disney merger–things in Hollywood have been a tad tense. So before this whole massive merger, Disney and Sony had come to an agreement about Spider-Man. Basically, they put on their adult pants and decided that they would share the rights to Spider-Man moving forward. This is why we got to see Sir. Tom in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. 

So with this new merger–Sony and Disney had to go back to the drawing board and of course they completely f*cked things up. Deadline reported,

Sources maintain that Marvel Studio’s President Kevin Feige exit was about money; it was about Disney seeking the 50/50 co-fi stake as the price for Marvel and Feige’s continued guiding hand that resulted in the delivery of Sony’s biggest grossing film ever. Sony declined to meet those terms.

Ugh. Y’all are annoying

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So where does this leave our boo, Tom?

Thankfully, he may still wear the Spidey suit going forward however, it probably means that he will no longer show up in any Marvel films.

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Honestly, the MCU, Disney, and Sony need to figure it TF out.


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