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This Hair Growth Trio Brings Results In Three Months (or Less)—Shop It For 20% Off

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Caffeine is useful beyond your morning cup of joe—the stimulating ingredient is also becoming increasingly known as a part of hair growth treatments. As Healthline reported, caffeine has been found in studies to block the effects of DHT and encourage hair shaft elongation, resulting in longer, thicker hair follicles over time. So if you haven’t tried this particular kind of growth treatment yet, you may want to listen up.

In fact, you should perk your ears now more than ever since The Inkey List is holding a sale on all of its scalp and hair treatments, which includes the best-selling Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment. While you can purchase the scalp serum solo for less than $13 right now, the brand recommends stocking up on at least three bottles to see results in as quick as 90 days—the bundle contains three 150l sizes on sale for $38.

Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment

The Inkey List

Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment

Here’s how it works: The overnight treatment (that’s right, you’ll have to leave it on, so plan accordingly) relies on caffeine powder and a special ingredient called Redenysl to minimize hair loss by stimulating the skin on the scalp. For those less versed in the beauty/science space, Rendenysl is similar to minoxidil, but mainly prioritizes hair loss in its earlier phases while addressing all types of pattern baldness.

In order to see significant results, the brand recommends consistent use every night over a 3 month period. If you purchase the bundle, you’ll have plenty of product to see this time through without running out.

If you need one last push to take the plunge, let it be the glowing customer reviews from verified shoppers. As one person wrote, “I know this sounds like click bait but it reduced the hair I find in my shower by 75 percent after using it the first time! Need to get used to the texture and feeling, as it leaves the hair/scalp feeling wet for hours, but that is totally fine if you use it over night. In the morning hair looks better than before and you can totally go out of the house before you wash it.”

“I have purchased this and saw a reduction in hair loss and a slight increase in hair growth in the most troublesome area, said another shopper who was on their second bottle. “It is a product that requires constant usage to see results. I have a normal scalp without any dryness/oiliness so this product (at least to me) did not cause any oiliness or irritation. It has a water-like texture and practical and sanitary applicator. Overall I do recommend it and am quite happy with the results so far.”

The Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment is available in a pack of 3 for less than $39. 

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