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This Candle Just Makes Steph Feel Happy

It’s quickly become a go-to home fragrance for my apartment.

Vancouver Candle Co. Vis Candle, $45, available here.

In some important personal news, I’ve found a new favorite candle. I’m talking about Vancouver Candle Co.’s Vis Candle, which has quickly become a go-to home fragrance for my apartment. 

According to the brand, its warm, slightly sweet aroma comes from a blend of myrrh, amber and sandalwood that is supposed to evoke strength. That’s all well and good — and makes sense, given that I normally gravitate toward sandalwood-y scents — but mostly, it just makes me feel happy. Something about the sweet, amber-tinged spice of this scent is vaguely reminiscent of Dior‘s Hypnotic Poison fragrance, if you’ve ever sniffed that, but it’s lighter and more delicate than the eau. 

Sure, the rich coziness of this candle might make it a little heavy for springtime, when I’d normally be looking for something more on the green, moss-y end of the spectrum. But again, it makes me feel happy! And happiness doesn’t have a designated season. 

Vancouver Candle Co. Vis Candle, $45, available here.

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