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This Best-Selling Mini-Waffle Maker Will Up Your Breakfast Game

Put down those frozen Eggos—there’s an easy way to make delicious waffles from scratch and it’s got a huge following. Everyone on Amazon is obsessed with the Dash Mini-Waffle Maker which produces one perfectly-shaped waffle at a time in three minutes flat. Just think of the Saturday morning possibilities: You in your favorite bathrobe, your coffee and your syrupy waffle. Forget going out for brunch—you can stay in and enjoy a restaurant-quality breakfast in literal minutes. If it sounds too good to be true, Amazon reviewers say otherwise. This baby has gotten over 76,000 ratings and 4.5 stars, so you know it’s legit.

The best news? The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is super affordable, with most models costing under $20. That’s about equal to a bougie brunch at your fave breakfast spot, only you can use it as many times as you please. With that low of a price tag, a waffle maker makes for a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift for the holidays—or, you can just buy one for yourself! No judgement. I bought this as a white elephant gift last year, and it was a hit with my coworkers. It was stolen twice, which is a high compliment in the world of white elephant gifting (if you know, you know!).

This little maker doesn’t just come in boring solid colors, either. You can get plenty of whimsical patterns that’ll brighten up your kitchen and get you hyped about breakfast. If you love waffles as much as Eleven in Stranger Things does, you need this little appliance in your kitchen. Don’t just take my word for it, though—the reviews say it all.

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Stylecaster | Mini-Waffle Maker on Amazon

Courtesy of Dash.

Buy: Dash Waffle Maker $25.51

There are plenty of reasons why this has been deemed the best waffle maker on Amazon. “As a home cook who spends at least 3 hours everyday in the kitchen and reads extensively on food, restaurants, and cuisine, you could say I’ve developed enough knowledge to be sceptical [sic] of anything that claims to bring you happiness for less than $15…” Donna says in her review, “However, I must say this product has been a spark of light to evolve my jaded ways though, I couldn’t be happier with it!”


Stylecaster | Mini-Waffle Maker on Amazon

Courtesy of Dash.

Buy: Dash Waffle Maker $17.79

This cute little leopard-print maker might seem like an impulse purchase that you might come to regret, but reviewers bust that myth. “Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon so far,” Cristal says. “Just as described, it is a mini waffle-maker. The ‘mini’ part is no joke, the whole thing is small enough to lift in one hand. If you are feeding breakfast to a whole family of five or more than this may not be for you.”

That is the only drawback. It only does one waffle at time. If you want to invite a bunch of people over for brunch and serve them waffles, it’ll take you an hour to get all of the waffles on the table. But honestly, I’d rather relax at home with waffles solo. Or, allow friends to make their own upon arrival, and personalize with any toppings or mix-ins they please.


Stylecaster | Mini-Waffle Maker on Amazon

Courtesy of Dash.

Buy: Dash Waffle Maker $15.99

Worried that you’ll get tired of waffles? Just because it’s called a waffle maker doesn’t mean it only makes waffles. You can make paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches or get super creative with it. “It heats evenly and quickly, feels sturdy, and is perfectly sized for a snack sized serving,” Michell says. “I’ve made regular waffles and a bunch of different desserts already and they’ve all turned out well. It works well with raw cookie dough to make one big waffle-cookie, or with cake batter for a quick cake snack.”

A warm waffle-cookie? Sign us up. Oh, and if you need even more inspo, the Dash Waffle Maker also comes with a recipe book, so you’ll be inspired to go above and beyond the classic waffle. Now that you’re convinced, order one ASAP and invite me over for waffles. Thanks!

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