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Think Of The New Moon In Aquarius As The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

If you’ve been itching for a little inspiration, the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 will be just the astrological event you’ve been waiting for. This beautiful, magical new moon will join four other planets in Aquarius, boosting your desires to break free of outdated structures, beliefs and attitudes. Are you ready to evolve?

Every month, the universe gifts us with a window of time that’s prime for manifestation, in the form of a new moon. You may have some ideas hidden in the deepest recesses of your mindsimilar to the moon is in its most hidden phase. The new moon is a time for you to call these ideas to the surface and start embracing them! Just as farmers used to plant under the darkness of the new moon’s night sky to give their crops the chance to grow without being targeted by predators, putting your thoughts, ideas and goals on paper during this time will allow you to plant your own seeds of intention. 

Given that this new moon will be illuminated by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, it will be more powerful than the last few new moons we’ve been graced with. Mercury will allow you to channel your ideas more clearly and concisely, and this will be especially true if you are working to tweak an idea or project that is already in process, since Mercury is still retrograde until February 20.

If it’s a new project you’re focusing in on, it’s still a great time to brainstorm, but know that once Mercury goes direct, you may need to make some additional tweaks to get it just right. In addition to Mercury’s impact, Venus will bring her powers of love and beauty, giving your intentions a little bit of sparkle. On top of that, Jupiter will only magnify the energy you are putting out there. 

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Aquarius energy, on the other hand, is all about breaking free of norms, traditions and old-school thinking. Whatever intentions you set, make sure they push boundaries and are focused on the collective good. Aquarius won’t stand for the same stale way of thinking and they aren’t down with plans that harm others to help them get ahead. After all, this new moon is about innovation and reinvention—it’s a time to manifest new opportunities that will allow you to shine brighter and march to the beat of your own drum!

Spend some time thinking about what unique traits, skills and values you bring to the world, and how you can use these specialties to contribute to creating the type of society you are proud to be a part of. If you want to boost this energy, try this simple ritual: Take a white candle, hold it to your heart and recite your intentions before lighting it up. Let it burn all the way through, and watch for the universe to start opening pathways that get you to your goals. Don’t be afraid to speak your dreams out loud; just like you do with your GPS, you’ve got to tell the universe where you want to go in order to make it happen!

Although everyone will have the opportunity to manifest during this new moon, three signs will feel the energy of this lunar event the most. Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius will be particularly super-charged. 

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Gemini, this New Moon in Aquarius will light up your house of foreigners, international travel, entrepreneurship, beliefs and higher education. COVID might have slowed you down a bit, but now is the time to start setting intentions regarding where you want to go in the future, as well as take seriously any ideas you might want to turn into businesses. Consider taking some classes to further your career!

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Libra, your house of home and family is lit during this new moon. Even though you want to avoid making any large purchases during Mercury retrograde, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for future big buys! Make a wishlist of any change you want to make at home and send it out into the ethers, then put your money where your mouth is post-retrograde. 

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Sagittarius, this New Moon in Aquarius is all about finances for you. Get your dream salary down on paper and light a candle for it. Let the universe know you know your worth and watch it come. It’ll take hard work, but if anyone deserves it, it’s you!

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