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These ‘This Is Us’ Fan Theories About Kevin’s Son Are So Intriguing

After last night’s episode, fans can’t stop mulling over these This Is Us Season 4 Kevin’s son’s mother theories. We’re talking potential baby mamas—characters both new and old—who seem to be perfectly in line for the role of Kevin’s wife and mother to his child. In case you forgot, we learned that Kevin has a son in the future during last season’s finale. With little other mention of this major plotline so far, fans have been preemptively digging for answers.

If you haven’t caught up on season 4 just yet (first of all, why not? and second, please go do so right now), you probably want to be careful with the spoilers up ahead. Things are about to get complicated.

Last week, This Is Us fans were already theorizing that Cassidy is Kevin’s future wife. Yep, Cassidy the veteran, who opened season 4’s premiere and attended the same veteran support group as Kevin’s uncle, Nicky. This week, we practically got all the confirmation we needed to know that something is going to go down between these two. That is, we saw Kevin turn down his latest movie audition in Chicago to tend to his uncle’s sobriety—and according to next week’s episode preview, it looks like Kevin will be meeting Cassidy at another support group meeting. This pairing makes total sense for a romance; they both understand each other’s struggles with alcoholism and the pressure it put on their families.

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Yet it’s too soon to say whether this match is going to take off. In fact, some fans are theorizing about totally different scenarios, but one of these has already been debunked: Madison. Many have been holding out hope for Kate’s best friend Madison and Kevin to hit it off since their romantic chemistry during season two’s wedding finale. And again, during last night’s episode, fans picked up on a particular editing moment: Right after Kevin looked at baby Jack, the shot cut straight to Madison’s smile. It seemed to be a real moment of foreshadowing. Yet it seems many forgot that This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman squashed the Madison theory a long time ago, tweeting in 2018, “Just FYI: Madison is my wife in real life @CaitwithaC And if you thought I was letting her sleep with @justinhartley on national television you’re nuts.” Well, that settles that!

For now, we can only hold out hope for Kevin and Cassidy, who we might as well make a ship name for at this point. Kassidy? Cavin, anyone?


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