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These Pint-Sized Micro Bags Couldn’t Be Cuter If They Tried

Large handbags can certainly be practical, but let’s face it — not only are they bulky, but you always end up toting around so much more “essentials” than you could ever need. If you’re looking to lighten up your handbag collection with some on-trend options, micro bags are the key accessory you need in your lineup. Sure, they might not fit everything you need for a day at the office or weekend errands, but they’re perfect for nights out, brief outings, and other occasions when you just need to have a few of  the basics on hand — your phone, cash, credit cards, the keys, ID, and maybe even a lip balm or two.

Yes, you may have to ditch your full-sized wallet to rock one of these pint-sized handbags, but in reality, do you really need to have your checkbook and used-up gift cards with you? We didn’t think so.

Besides, anyone who’s ever considered themselves a big bag person (raising my hand), knows that the oversized totes and duffels aren’t the best for your back or your posture. Imagine feeling weightless with a tiny tote and not forcing your bag to compete with the rest of your chic outfit. For reference, bag is considered a micro bag when it’s about the same size as your phone or smaller. Many of the current micro bag styles have a retro ’90s appeal, while others come in modern prints, patterns, and textures. There’s a miniature bag for everyone out there. Scroll through below to check out some of our current favorites.


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