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These Microneedling Dark Spot Stickers Are Going to Be a Game-Changer

One of the most annoying skin concerns that seems nearly impossible to tackle is hyperpigmentation, otherwise known as dark spots. No matter your age, ethnicity or background-though it’s especially tough to manage on brown skin–targeting those unwanted blemishes usually requires a ton of attention and cash. And because we know that tale all too well, we perked up when we got our hands on Peace Out’s new dark spot stickers.

Before you click away thinking this is just another product you’ll toss in the trash bin, hear us out. If you’re familiar with microneedling, you know skin gurus alike swear by the process for overall better skin. Essentially, these dots take that same technology into patches that are completely fool-proof, but highly effective.

Here’s how it works. The microneedling dots ($28) have tiny little spikes that prick the skin (pain-free, of course) and deliver brightening ingredients including niacinamide, tranexamic acid and licorice extract directly onto the affected area. The spikes create tiny channels into the skin allowing active ingredients to penetrate and lift melanin deposits aka those pesky dark spots for a more even complexion.

peace out dark spots close up These Microneedling Dark Spot Stickers Are Going to Be a Game Changer

Peace Out Skincare.

darkspots suong peaceout content2019 mdr 1196 v3 min These Microneedling Dark Spot Stickers Are Going to Be a Game Changer

Peace Out Skincare.

And while these miracle patches aren’t pure magic and can’t make your complexion spot-free instantly, if you give it time, you’re guaranteed to see results. According to the brand, 100 percent of consumers who participated in a two-week test found that their dark spots lightened in color and decreased in appearance. That means every single person. No man left behind. And if these patches are just as effective as the Peace Out’s previous drops, don’t expect them to be on shelves very long. Their Acne Healing Dots sold out in just two weeks and a slew of other products became Sephora top-sellers almost instantly.

The Peace Out Dark Spots Microneedling Brightening Dots are available now on Sephora’s website and will be available in-store starting Feb. 26 for $28. Just in case history repeats itself, we recommend marking your calendars now.


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