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These Indie Perfume-Scented Dryer Sheets Are a Laundry Day Game-Changer

Dedcool Dryer Sheets in Milk, $12, available here

Photo: Courtesy of Dedcool

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Last week, I waxed poetic about a diaper rash cream; now, I’m here to profess my love for a laundry product — thrilling, I know. But I’ve become a follower of the TikTok school of philosophy that encourages “romanticizing your life,” and trust me when I say that incorporating some luxuriously scented dryer sheets into the monotony of laundry day can be a true game-changer. 

I’ve long been a fan of cool-kid perfume brand Dedcool, which has been on an impressive growth trajectory over the last few years. People are (rightfully) obsessed with its modern, fresh approach to fine fragrance, fun names, appealing branding and overall on-point aesthetic. And while lots of its scents and body-care products are wonderful, I think it’s the laundry assortment’s way underrated. 

Dedcool has been a leading contender in the status-laundry-detergent arms race. A chic collab with Jen Atkin-helmed hair-care brand Ouai has gotten most of the attention, but, in my opinion, everyone has been sleeping on the brand’s dryer sheets, particularly the Milk scented ones

Dedcool Dryer Sheets in Milk, $12, available here

Photo: Courtesy of Dedcool

Like all dryer sheets, the main purpose of Dedcool’s is to reduce static, but it does so while also imbuing clothes with the brand’s dreamy Milk fragrance. As an Only Oatmilk in My Coffee, But Extra Parm on My Pasta Girlie, it’s important to me to note that the scent name comes not from any sort of actual dairy notes, but rather because it’s meant to evoke notions of familiarity, “like warm, clean skin,” per the brand. The accord of earthy amber, creamy white musk and a subtle touch of bergamot is indeed cozy, inviting and clean-smelling — in other words, exactly what I want for my just-out-of-the-dryer garments, sheets and towels.

The dryer sheets are also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. (The same can’t be said for many scented laundry products.) I find that the scent lingers quite a while on fabric, but it’s subtle enough even for my fragrance-averse husband. I also love that it’s intentionally layerable, meaning it actually enhances and complements (rather than competes with) any other scents I wear.

Dedcool Dryer Sheets in Milk, $12, available here

Homepage photo: Courtesy of Dedcool

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