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These Beginner-Friendly Derma Rollers Help Stimulate Collagen For an Instant Glow

Microneedling has been a common an in-office procedure used by facialists and dermatologists for several years, but recently it’s become wildly popular in both in-home skin as well. Derma rolling is a type of microneddling process using a face roller designed with tiny needles to mildly poke the skin.

While rubbing your face with needles may seem rather counter-intuitive if the goal is to make skin look healthier, but the idea behind the process’ anti-aging magic is that lightly injuring the skin by poking tiny, superficial holes actually provokes it to react to the perceived harm by synthesizing more collagen and elastin as a defense mechanism. As we know, more collagen and elastin means younger looking skin and improved elasticity. Derma rolling offers a slew of complexion-enhancing benefits, including helping to fade acne scars and dark spots, soften fine lines, and refine enlarged pores. Using a derma roller before you apply your skin care products will  also help them absorb better, making them significantly more effective. Using a derma roller also allows you to reap the glow-inducing benefits of a jade roller or other facial massagers by stimulating blood flow and boosting circulation for a natural radiance.

There are a wide range of different sized needles, and some variations are better at treating specific skin concerns than others. For instance, if your goal is to reduce scarring and dark spots, a thicker and deeper needle will be required (as will a trip to see the derm) whereas if you’re merely looking to tighten pores and exfoliate, a thinner and shorter needle will do the trick just fine. For those new to derma rolling, it’s recommended to start with a smaller and less deep variety to avoid irritation or averse skin reactions. Most of the at-home derma roller you can buy online are between 0.20 to 0.25 milliliters, which is the perfect size for beginners. Check out our top selections below for fool-proof derma rollers to add to your skin care arsenal.

These Beginner-Friendly Derma Rollers Help Stimulate Collagen Production For an Instant Glow | STYLECASTER


1. Sdara Cosmetic Needling Tool

This derma roller is designed with 0.25mm needles, making it ideal for beginners and those with sensitive skin. You’ll reap the anti-aging powers of mild exfoliation and better skin care absorption, while also stimulating blood flow to the skin for instant glow. Reviewers love that this tool delivers quick results but doesn’t hurt like other contenders on the market. It’s gentle but still effective.

Buy: Sdara Cosmetic Needling Tool $19.99

These Beginner-Friendly Derma Rollers Help Stimulate Collagen Production For an Instant Glow | STYLECASTER


2. Prosper Beauty Derma Roller Kit

This derma roller set includes the roller, as well as three sanitized replacement heads to ensure its lasting power and effectiveness by reducing the issue of dulled needles. Replacing your heads frequently is essential to preventing infection and spreading bacteria when microneedling, so this addition is a big bonus. It’s also engineered with premium titanium needles, which are 3-4 times sharper than stainless steel needles. This roller is also designed with non-invasive 0.25mm inch needles to prevent irritation and injury.

Buy: Prosper Beauty Derma Roller Kit $26.97

These Beginner-Friendly Derma Rollers Help Stimulate Collagen Production For an Instant Glow | STYLECASTER


3. Lolysenta Microneedle Derma Roller

At just $8 a pop, this wallet-friendly derma roller offers you some major bang for your buck without compromising quality. It’s designed with 540 titanium needles at the standard 0.25mm length, making it gentle and user-friendly enough for those new to microneedling or are looking for an at-home alternative to pricey facials at the spa.

Buy: Lolysenta Microneedle Derma Roller $9.40

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