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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Jupiter in Taurus the Most (From 2023-2024)

In astrology, no planet can put a more positive spin on things than Jupiter. This gas giant is more than just the largest planet in our solar system, but an inspiring teacher that shows us how to embrace growth. If you’re one of the zodiac signs affected by Jupiter in Taurus the most from 2023 to 2024, strap yourself in, because an unforgettable adventure awaits.

It takes Jupiter around 12 years to orbit the sun, which means it spends roughly one year moving through each zodiac sign. And once Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16 at exactly 1:20 p.m. ET, it will start something incredible. Although Jupiter in Aries was a vibrant and empowering transit that encouraged us to charge forward, Jupiter in Taurus will ingrain something different within us—patience, loyalty and of course, stability. However, this stubborn earth sign is more than just grounded and practical. After all, Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love, money and desire. Until May 25, 2024, Jupiter in Taurus will encourage us indulge in all the material pleasures that make us feel alive. Although this transit will show us how to live large, it will also bring us back down to earth when necessary. More than anything, Jupiter in Taurus wants us to be prepared and ready to weather any and all storms.

Although Jupiter in Taurus will bring wealth, romance and prosperity, it will take us on a strange—and at times dark—journey to get there. After all, Jupiter will immediately form a square with Pluto—the destroyer—at exactly 0 degrees, which could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and drives you to succeed. Make no mistake—Jupiter in Taurus is about to remind you that success is the best revenge. After all, Jupiter joins forces with the North Node of Destiny in Taurus on June 1, which will culminate to a point that leads us down a path we were always meant to take. That’s right—Jupiter in Taurus will also bring you closer to your ultimate destiny.

Because of this alignment with the North Node, this Jupiter transit could encourage these four zodiac signs to reach important milestones and make major strides toward greatness. In fact, if you have placements in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius—especially your sun sign or rising sign—this transit could expedite you all the way to the top. Here’s why:

Jupiter in Taurus Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs the Most

StyleCaster | Taurus 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster


Get ready, Taurus, because you’re about to embrace a lot of growth in a short amount of time. When Jupiter enters your first house of the self, it opens roads that were previously blocked and reveals opportunities that you’ve long been dreaming about. You’ve spent the past year with Jupiter slumbering in your spiritual and introspective 12th house, encouraging you to embrace solitude, reflection and a reconnection with your inner world. Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time healing wounds and forgiving the past, and all of that deep work has led you to this beautiful moment. Jupiter in Taurus will encourage you to come out of your shell, showing you just how much you’ve grown since you last saw yourself. This transit could lead to exciting new enterprises, projects, relationships and endeavors, so make sure you lead with an open heart. However, keep in mind that this transit will also coincide with a lot of trial and error, so make sure you laugh your way through the exciting ups and downs.

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StyleCaster | Leo 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster


Are you ready for some compliments, Leo? You should be. Jupiter has spent the past year moving through your expansive ninth house, encouraging you to embrace higher learning and deeper philosophies of life. Chances are, you’ve spend some time reading, traveling and experiencing new things. All that you’ve learned has prepared you for a game-changing move in your career. When Jupiter enters Taurus, it will bless your 10th house of career with abundance, growth and prosperity. In fact, it could encourage you to take a career path more seriously than you ever have before. However, in order to get to where you want to go next, you may find yourself distancing yourself from old friends and relationships that you’ve long since outgrown. You’re ready for your ambitions to become more important than keeping up with the pressures of the past. You’re ready for the career you know you’ve been dreaming of.

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StyleCaster | Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster


Once Jupiter enters Taurus, it will place added importance on your relationships and significant others. For the next 12 months, Jupiter will be encouraging growth in your seventh house of partnerships, allies, enemies, exes and spouses, urging you to embrace a deeper and more profound expectation if your relationships. Ask yourself if you’ve truly been getting what you need from the connections you choose to nurture. The more you demand something deeper, the more Jupiter will reward you with the vibrant, loyal and emotionally committed friendships you could ever want. Now that Jupiter is bringing power to your descendent, it is showing you how much a truly great partner, friend or lover can make all the difference in the world. You don’t have to do this alone, Scorpio. Not when there are people out there who actually deserve you.

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StyleCaster | Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster


Get ready, because Jupiter in Taurus is going to make sure your heart grows 10 times bigger. For the next year, Jupiter will water the roots of your fourth house of home and family, encouraging you to nurture your personal life with the TLC is truly deserves. Prepare for unexpected blessings to improve your domestic spaces and strengthen your familial relationships. Whether your family is chosen or given, Jupiter in Taurus is a transit that will show you who your family is, has been and is becoming. Chances are, you’re ready to turn the page and embrace a new chapter in your private life, so long as you are ready to step out of your shell and own your true self, despite what your opinionated family members might say or think. Let’s not forget that Jupiter is immediately squaring off with Pluto in Aquarius, which reveals that you may be in the process of trading one perspective of “family” for another.

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