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The Sneakers That Helped Tyler Conquer Her Shin Splints

New York City Marathon, here I come! Okay, maybe not that far, but still.

Outdoor Voices Women’s Hoka x OV Clifton, $140, available here.

I have always, in theory, enjoyed running as a means of exercise: It’s cheap, easy to do pretty much anywhere and I’ve heard it can be meditative. 

However, one thing has always stood between me and the open road: horrendously awful shin splints. Every time I attempted to get into running, whether it was on pavement or a treadmill, within days, I would have searing pain shooting up my legs. I assumed that meant that I would be relegated to other workouts. 

Then, in a last-ditch effort to make running work for me, I looked up which sneakers would be best for running, and found the Hoka Clifton was at the top of most lists. I was dubious because, to be honest, these shoes are…well, I’ll say it, kind of ugly. But I also knew my habit of picking sneakers based on aesthetics had so far served me poorly, so I figured I’d give them a shot. I picked up a pair from Hoka’s collaboration with Outdoor Voices, drawn in by the rainbow laces, and found them to be incredibly light, despite the dense-looking sole. They had plenty of bounce and cushion, which meant after my first run, I felt nothing except your run-of-the-mill soreness. 

Still skeptical, I gave them a few more rounds on the treadmill before I had to accept that these sneakers had, in fact, kept my shin splints at bay. New York City Marathon, here I come! 

Okay, maybe not that far, but still: I’m enjoying my slow-and-steady jogs on these light-as-a-cloud sneaks.

Outdoor Voices Women’s Hoka x OV Clifton, $140, available here.

See more of Tyler’s picks in the gallery below:

G.H. Bass Sutton Snake Printed Weejuns, $110, available here.

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