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The Next ‘This Is Us’ Episode Is All About Deja & Malik—We Can’t Wait

Calling all fans of Deja on This Is Us! We’ve been waiting for several weeks to see more from Deja, one of the series’ most beloved characters, and Episode 7 is finally about to give the people what they want. A new promo for the episode is full of clues about Deja & Malik’s relationship on This Is Us Season 4. Spoiler, it’s super cute.

It’s been several weeks since Deja’s story has been featured in an episode of This Is Us—if you’ve been tuning in, you know that there are a bunch of new characters in Season 4 of the show, so sometimes a character disappears for a while as the show focuses on other storylines. When we last saw Deja, she was crushing on a boy named Malik. But he has a six-month-old daughter, and her parents Randall and Beth definitely do not approve.

The teaser for Episode 7 is here, and it shows that, um, Deja and Malik are definitely still a thing, despite all of her parents’ concerns—because since when do teenagers care about what their parents think of their romantic partners? The episode’s synopsis says that “Deja pushes the boundaries of Randall and Beth’s trust,” namely by skipping school to have an extremely adorable day with Malik. Their relationship is clearly becoming super special and loving.

Later in the episode, it seems like Beth comes around a bit and decides to give Malik a fair chance. She says she wants to get to know his parents better to see if they’re “good people.” Beth’s own mom disapproved of Randall when they first started dating, so she does have some personal perspective on this whole situation.

Episode 7 will also continue where Episode 6 left off by showing Jack and Rebecca inviting Randall’s teacher, Mr. Lawrence, to dinner. It’s an attempt to confront the fact that, as white adoptive parents, they can’t be the only adult role models in their son’s life.

We can’t wait to tune in on Tuesday!



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