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The Most Exciting Parties of the Week

Parties, galas, fêtes, get togethers—whatever you want to call them, they’re integral parts of Hollywood, the fashion world, the arts, and society in general. Events are venues for fund-raising, opportunities to drum up buzz around new initiatives and projects, and, above all, a fun reason for fancy people to get dressed up and have their picture taken. Of course, when the pandemic hit, parties were the first thing to go—and their absence was particularly poignant during digital-only fashion weeks, awards shows and art fairs. But with Covid numbers finally slowing in the United States and vaccinations on the rise, IRL events are staring to populate the cultural calendar once again. In an effort to make up for lost time, we’re enthusiastically keeping track of the most exciting parties happening right now, starting with a benefit at the art foundation Pioneer Works in Brooklyn. Check back often to stay updated on what your favorite celebrities, artists, socialites, fashion plates and public figures are up to as they emerge from many months of hermit behavior.

Source: W Magazine

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