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The Ear Cuffs for the Piercing-Averse Looking to Make a Big Statement

Jenny Bird Supernova Ear Cuff Set, $108, available here
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It recently occurred to me that I need to try more jewelry. I rely almost exclusively on a single pair of hoop earrings, so I decided it was officially time to branch out.

Ear cuffs are a baby step: They don’t require piercings, but let you test out different looks, which you can personalize to your liking. I started with the Supernovas from Jenny Bird’s fall collection, struck by their unique shape — rounded, but in a sculptural way. They come in a set of two (one silver, one gold), and can be worn one at a time or together, for a mixed-metal moment. (As someone who prefers the latter look, I like to wear one on each ear with a stud or hoop.) 

These Jenny Bird cuffs are weighty little things. They’re not at all malleable, so I suggest you slide them onto the top of your ear, where it’s thinnest, and slip them down to where they will stay put. (If you wear them throughout the day, you may want to take a few breaks; again, they’re heavy.) 

I find it’s best to flaunt these with my hair fully up or half-up — anything that exposes or teases my ears. The spherical shape is such a fun way to make a statement with almost any outfit, from cocktail attire to athleisure. If you’re like me, looking for a new way to spice up your jewelry style, here’s an easy place to start.

Jenny Bird Supernova Ear Cuff Set, $108, available here

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