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The Cast of ‘Little Women’ All Coordinated Their Outfits in London, Because I Guess They Wanna Kill Me

There are few things that will admittedly make me scream. One of them is Baby Yoda (bless him), and another is celebrities doing cute things together because they love each other and they’re friends. Some people care more about celebrity feuds, but I live (and die) for celebrities loving one another—and simultaneously making me jealous that I am not a star. On Monday, at a screening in London, the cast of Little Women all showed up in coordinating outfits, proving that they are FRIENDS and like to look hot together. I’m not saying I’m crying, but I’m not not saying that. (I…am crying.)

Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, James Norton and Florence Pugh all stepped out onto the Little Women pink carpet looking like dreams in pink and black. Norton and Ronan both wore sexy all-black ensembles, while Chalamet and Pugh sent me to my grave in hot AF pink looks. If this wasn’t planned, no one tell me, because I’d prefer to stay in ignorant bliss on this one.

Little Women Cast

Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

Seriously, look up the word “swoon” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a photo of me staring at these Little Women stars in their coordinating outfits. There’s nothing I stan more than a cast that becomes lifelong friends—and plans outfits together. Can I join this squad, please? I promise I will update my wardrobe to only pink and black ensembles.

Greta Gerwig

Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

Even Greta Gerwig (Praise be.) came to play on this pink carpet in an all-white suit look. I just want her to stand in the middle of these Little Women stars and look like the damn leader she is. If you weren’t already pumped for the premiere of Little Women, these (coordinating) outfits should have you through the roof with excitement. I will be counting down the days.


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