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The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction

It’s safe to say that the advent of dry shampoo has been a major life-changer in beauty, and, if we’re being honest (albeit a bit dramatic), our overall quality of life. Woke up too late to take your morning shower after a two day period of dodging your shampoo before a meeting ? No problem. With just a few spritzes of this magical powdery potion, the fact that you pressed snoozed 10+ times, favoring the extra sleep over hair hygiene is completely concealed.

In fact, many hair stylists and dermatologists agree that washing your hair too frequently can actually strip your hair of its natural oils, which can eventually lead to an irritated scalp, breakage, excess frizz, and (gasp) even premature hair loss.

Of course, as with most things in life, shampooing in moderation (1-5 times a week, depending on your type and condition) is certainly fine, but for us lazy girls, it’s dangerously easy to take the anti-shampoo “precaution” to an extreme, relying instead on our trusted powdery potions as an alternative to in-shower washes. Because, it’s healthy, right?

And, let’s be honest — it’s rare to find a beauty product that has the power to instantly transform your look in 30 seconds flat, shaving an extra half hour off your morning hair ritual. In fact, dry shampoo can not only transform a greasy mane into a tousled, (seemingly) freshly washed do with plenty of French-girl-level texture and volume, but it also offers plenty of off-label hair enhancing benefits too. From camouflaging dark roots on bottle blondes to using it pre-gym to protect your fresh blowout from falling flat, it’s really no wonder so many of us have become bonafide dry shampoo junkies.

Unfortunately, this time-saving, multi-functional spray comes with a slew of possible side effects that can pose long term repercussions to your hair’s health. You see, if you’re relying on your dry shampoo to push you through just “one more day” of avoiding the your weekly wash several times a week (fifth day hair, anyone?), you’re likely suffocating your scalp and clogging hair follicles with chalky product buildup.

long brown hair1 The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction


Clogging the hair follicle can not prevent your hair from growing at a normal rate, but it can also lead to premature hair loss and breakage. For those with eczema, dandruff, and sensitive scalps, the fragrances used in dry shampoos and other styling products can also worsen irritation. While research seems to generally deem dry shampoos as safe, the general consensus seems unanimously in favor of the idea that moderation is key with this hair product (yes, we are heartbroken too).

Of course, we are not about to quit cold turkey – and we certainly don’t expect you to either. Instead, we’ve rounded up some alternative products that will keep grease at bay and freshen up your locks sans the shower.

STYLECASTER | The Best Product to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction


DHC Facial Blotting Papers

If you’re simply looking to de-greasy oily roots, try using the same blotting sheets for face touch-ups on your head instead. Sure, these won’t give you a major volume boost or mask musky smells, but they’re great for on-the-go blotting after spin class or on your morning commute.

$5 at Dermstore


fekkai paste The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction

Frederic Fekkai.

Frédéric Fekkai All in One Dry Shampoo Texturizing Paste

This multipurpose paste is infused with natural oil-controlling ingredients including Oceanic Clay and South Sea Blue Seaweed Extract rather than talc or irritating chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. While it may not be as quick and convenient to apply as an dry shampoos in an aerosol bottle, because it’s not a powdered formula it is less likely to cause irritation and follicle-clogging buildup without skimping on the texture.

$26 at ULTA

STYLECASTER | The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction


dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Yes, this ACV-infused product does in fact require water, but we promise is so much less laborious than a standard hair wash. Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredient that can help dislodge product buildup and restore a healthy pH balance in the scalp. This hair care supplement, if you will, may help your hair stay looking fresh and non-greasy for a prolonged period of time compared to traditional shampoos alone.

$57 at Dermstore

STYLECASTER | Deodorizing Hair Brush Liners


Deodorizing Hair Brush Liners

Like dryer sheets for your brush, these liners freshen up locks and offer a subtle fragrance to help neutralize any musky odors on second-day + hair. They won’t get rid of grease to the same degree of your dry shampoo, but they’ll give your hair life again for a day or two.

$12 at Amazon

STYLECASTER | The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction


Denman Medium Natural Bristle Brush

One of the best ways to keep oil at bay is by taking preventative measures, like switching to a boar’s hair brush. The soft bristles not only prevent breakage and split ends, but they also evenly distribute oils from the scalp to the strands which adds shine and extends your blowout. As a side note, this best-selling brush has been named a dupe for the iconic Mason Pearson brush by both editors and loyal fans alike.

$18.50 at Amazon




Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder

We use setting powders to lock in our makeup and to touch up excess oil throughout the day, so it comes as no surprise that this beauty hack works wonders for quick touchups in a pinch on the days need a bit of a pick me up. It also works to temporarily soften the line of root grow-out on color treated hair as well.

$38 at Nordstrom

STYLECASTER | The Best Products to Help You Wean Off Your Dry Shampoo Addiction


OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam 

While technically still considered a dry shampoo, this refreshing foam gives hair a “freshly showered shine,” combats grease and actually removes product buildup from the scalp rather than adding to it. As a bonus, it won’t transfer to your clothes or leave behind a white cast on darker hair colors.

$28 at Sephora

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