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The Best Perfume I’ve Ever Used Has Only 5 Ingredients

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As someone who writes about beauty products for a living, people often pick my brain about my favorite mascara, the shampoo-conditioner combo that lives in my shower, or which moisturizer has a permanent spot in my skincare routine. One product category I’ve had trouble nailing down for inquiring minds in the past, however, has always been fragrance.

That is, until I discovered By/Rosie Jane’s Rosie Eau de Parfum. This fragrance has quickly become a mainstay—and, I can safely say, is now my signature scent. Since the first day I started wearing Rosie, I have been getting nonstop compliments on the way I smell, whether after an embrace with a close friend or simply walking past a friendly stranger on the street. And the best part is that Rosie Eau de Parfum is made with only five ingredients.

As it turns out, Rosie has become a number-one bestseller for the brand since its 2016 launch. This isn’t shocking, considering the addictive scent also comes in a whole collection that includes a travel spray and perfume oil, as well as several body products including a wash, milk, and an oil.

Named after the brand’s founder, Rosie is a hypoallergenic fragrance featuring notes of nude musk and sweet rose. The five simple ingredients here never irritate my sensitive skin. Ambrettolide, also known as white or transparent musk, adds a warm, flowery note to the scent, while ambroxan brings a velvety, almost salty aroma. For some sweetness, the brand uses ethylene brassylate, which adds a touch of soft vanilla without being too heady.

By Rosie Jane Rosie Eau de Parfum

I like to think of Rosie as the nude lipstick of fragrance. Like your favorite neutral shade, Rosie is a year-round staple that complements any occasion, whether a daytime event or an evening soirée. It remains detectable after hours of wear, but is never overpowering, gradually fading and melting into the skin as it sits. It can also be layered, just like a nude lipstick—try it with citrus-forward or earthier scents for some added depth.

Packaging-wise, the glass bottle contains nothing but a silver cap and the name stamped on the side. I appreciate the simple, minimal aesthetic, and how it’s not an eyesore sitting next to the dozens of other products on my vanity. To apply, I liberally spritz all over, making sure my skin is well-moisturized to ensure longevity. This is an eau de parfum, which means it’s more pungent than an eau de toilette, yet not quite as strong as a highly concentrated parfum. Still, I find I get a good six-hour wear time with this fragrance. This is one of those scents that’ll suit a wide variety of perfume preferences—plus, it doesn’t stain or leave behind a residue, making it user-friendly for all.

Source: W Magazine

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