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The 4 Signs Most Likely To Superfreak This Supermoon

The first supermoon of 2020 will groove into existence on March 9, 2020, and while it will affect everyone, some signs in particular will receive a hearty vibe-check that deserves a little extra unpacking. If you’re wondering about the March 2020 full worm moon meaning, you’ve come to the right place. Basically, this supermoon is like arriving at the intersection of creation and destruction. The eye of the storm. This supermoon will serve as the epicenter of shit happening. Whether or not this is a ‘good’ thing? That part is really up to you.

Some backstory: a supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon being in perigee, or the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. Known as the full worm moon, this particular supermoon will look similar to a full moon, but the typical energy of the full moon—the ending of cycles, resolution of patterns, and the general creativity—will be magnified. For all the signs, this could result in heightened fear or anxiety, especially for those that crave routine, order and organization. I’m lookin’ at you, earth signs! Keep in mind, this is just the first supermoon of the year—expect another in April, and a third in May. This time around, you might be hoping for clear answers and, instead, end up with a bucket of shit, or other unsatisfactory explanations. Ugh. Sound about right for a lunar event with the word ‘worm’ in it.

Luckily, to counteract this time of indecision, the full worm moon also signifies new beginnings and the start of spring. At least there’s a bright side! Our perspectives and how we choose to view, act, and react to the world pretty much determine our happiness—and during this supermoon, keeping that in mind is key. We already have our missions and our purpose. It’s up to us to find the good and appreciate it, and learn to let the bad go. All that said, how will you frame this supermoon, and every moment afterward? I hope you make it beautiful.

As you prep for March 9, keep in mind the 4 signs that will be most affected by this supermoon below:

STYLECASTER | December 2019 Full Moon in Gemini

Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


You can’t avoid your feelings, Aries. Try as you might, you can’t run away from them. You can’t bury them in the earth’s mantle, or outsmart them or outdrink them. No matter where you go, your feelings will follow. Our feelings and thoughts are shadows attached to us, ultimately inescapable. You don’t need validation from others so much as acceptance of where you’re at—even if that means you’re scared or lonely or furious, or sexually frustrated because you’re only turned on by that girl in your yoga class.

STYLECASTER | 2020 Horoscope

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Your ruling planet is still in retrograde until the 10th, so the simultaneous supermoon might mean that certain projects or ideas don’t turn out the way you planned. Issues with work may arise, as well as within romantic relationships. Even post-retrograde, you may still experience frustration and feel the effects of miscommunication. Practice patience and single-tasking to avoid unnecessary upsets or drama. When you’re working, be at work. When you’re with a friend, focus on listening to them and being present. Mindfulness will not only help you slow down, it will also keep you focused on what’s important.

STYLECASTER | 2020 Horoscope

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With the moon as your ruling planet, this supermoon will absolutely have you feeling watery. That may mean tears (of love or sadness), getting sick (snot is mostly water, after all) or cravings for comfort and serenity. As always, honor your emotions while monitoring your behavior. If you *know* you’re overreacting to something a coworker said, ask yourself why you’re so bothered. Is it because the validation of others is important to you? Or because you’re secretly insecure about that particular topic? By investigating these feelings and tracing them back to their origins, you can break free of controlling, maladaptive patterns.

STYLECASTER | 2020 Horoscope

Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


One of the lessons that we have to learn over and over again is how to behave in situations that are in our control versus those that are outside of it. Having the courage to change things that we can, and the patience and wisdom to accept things that we cannot—that’s one of the most radical understandings we can achieve, both for ourselves and for the world. This supermoon, Taurus will be tested in grasping the difference between these two situations. When in doubt, remember to always err on the side of compassion and self-love. You are allowed to put your needs first.



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