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Taylor Swift’s ‘Cornelia Street’ Might Be About Karlie Kloss & We’re Shook

There is a slew of theories whirling today, but this one has really piqued our interest. Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” lyrics meaning centers Karlie Kloss and their (maybe?) friendship. Fans have been taking to social media rehashing their friendship and possible friend break-up with the model.

Kloss had previously assured fans on social media that she and Swift are still very much BFFs. But fans were none the wiser and began conducting their own quasi-investigation into the meaning behind the lyrics of “Cornelia Street.” The title of the song is a reference to Swift’s home in New York City, where she and Kloss used to hang out all the time. The pair were constantly photographed together on the streets of NYC, but recently, things haven’t been so sunny for the duo.

The two haven’t been seen together in some time and Swift didn’t attend Kloss’s recent wedding. It’s lead fans to speculate that the pair had a falling out and devotees are using “Cornelia Street” as proof. The song is about Swift being scared about a friendship, or relationship, ending. Lyrics include, “And baby, I get mystified by how this city screams your name.” While it could also reference Joe Alwyn, who lives in London (where there is also a Cornelia Street) fans just aren’t as convinced.

Here’s what they had to say on social media:

There are a few possibilities concerning the song. It could, as fans have perceived, be about her friendship with Kloss and the fear that the two have just gone their separate ways. The song could also be about Alwyn, though other songs including “Lover” and “Cruel Summer” appear more earnest about that relationship in her life. But it could also just be Swift’s own ruminations on a past situation. With all the references throughout her album, some vagueness could just be what Swift wanted on this track.


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