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Taylor Swift’s ‘Cats’ Premiere Dress Is Seriously Gorgeous—and It Has Pockets (!!)

Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming movie musical Cats (And let’s be real—most of us have a lot of feelings about it.), there’s one aspect of it that almost everyone can get behind. That is, of course, the fact that queen of pop Taylor Swift makes an appearance in the film. This fact has only been made better after seeing Taylor Swift’s Cats premiere dress. The singer almost always looks like royalty on the red carpet, but this latest ensemble has instantly become one of my favorites.

Dressed in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown, Taylor Swift stepped out onto the red carpet. Shortly thereafter, everyone’s jaws were on the damn floor. The designer dress was a winter floral dream, and Swift seriously looked like she stepped out of a chic period piece. Sometimes I wonder if Taylor Swift is secretly from the past, because she pulls off vintage looks effortlessly.

Taylor Swift

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock.

Of course, the very best thing about this gown (other than the fact it’s on Taylor Swift’s body) is that it has pockets. If you’re a person who wears dresses, you’ll understand the great significance of a dress that has pockets. And, if you have never worn a dress in your life, let me assure you: It! Is! A! Big! Deal! For those who constantly don frocks, finding a dress with pockets is our white whale. Honestly, I can probably safely say that most dress-wearers have considered buying an ugly dress just because it has pockets. That’s the crippling power of patriarchy, folks. So, of course Taylor Swift is combating it, right?

Taylor Swift

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock.

Not to be outdone in the details, Taylor Swift worn dainty, dangly earrings and bright red lipstick to compliment this bold floral ensemble. Her hair pulled back and eyeliner perfectly placed, there’s no denying Taylor Swift was the star of the Cats premiere red carpet. Me—dare I say—ow.


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