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Tarot Card Nail Art Is the Newest Trend of Wearing Your Fortune

As much as we love Halloween nails with dripping fake blood, spiders and creepy skeletons, once November 1 comes around, they just don’t look right anymore. That’s one reason we’re loving the tarot card nail art trend. Although they’re totally appropriate for any Halloween costume or event, they also feel cool year-round.

If you truly can’t put down your favorite tarot card deck or you just think the images are cute as hell, you’ll get tons of new age-y inspiration from these talons. Some looks are edgier with a black base and white and gold designs, and others are brighter in bright pink and purple. If you don’t have the skills to create these looks (and if you’re not ready to head to the salon just yet), DIY the trend with some nail decals from Etsy.

While not a totally new thing, mystical tarot illustrations feel trendier than ever as of late. Check out some of our favorites to inspire your next look.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Designs on Clear Nails

These have a more laid-back—but still totally tarot—look.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Black and White

The nail artist calls these All Hallow’s Eve.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Bright Pink

There’s nothing creepy about this cute take on the trend.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Gold Charms

The detail here is amazing, right down to the gold decals.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Green and Gold

Watch in awe as this nail artist uses stamping plates for the designs.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Bright Purple

The Empress tarot card nail is so beautiful.

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