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Steph Can't Wait to Get Her Hands on This Pinky Ring (…or Vice Versa?)

It’s dainty, but not *too* dainty.

Mejuri Thin Dôme Pinky Ring, $290, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Mejuri

I’ve worn a small signet ring on my pinky for a few years now — until I recently lost it. (I’m the worst, this is why I’m not allowed to own nice things, insert a million crying emojis here!!!!) But I’ve taken a few weeks to mourn my loss, and now I’m scouting possible replacements.

The main contender: Mejuri‘s Thin Dôme Pinky Ring, which is perfect because it’s dainty, but not too dainty. It would fit in seamlessly with my other gold jewelry and also seems like it’s weighty enough that I’d actually notice if it, by some chance, slid right the hell off my finger. 

Mejuri Thin Dôme Pinky Ring, $290, available here

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