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Some Thought Travis Scott Was Flirting With Jordyn Woods, Thanks to a Twitter Impersonator

Here’s why it’s so important to look for that blue check, folks! The Twitterverse temporarily lost its mind after this Travis Scott lookalike started hitting on Jordyn Woods following her fallout with Kylie Jenner, convincing many users that the real Travis finally lost all respect for the mother of his child.

Obviously, we wouldn’t normally think that co-parents aren’t allowed to have an interest in other people—but if you’re up to date on all things KarJenner, then you’ll understand why this situation is a little bit different. After the alleged cheating scandal between Jordyn and Tristan Thompson (a.k.a baby daddy to Kylie’s big sis, Khloé) there was no turning back. Jordyn became officially off-limits when it came to the KarJenner family—and yes, that includes Travis, too. So naturally, fans were deeply concerned.

Thankfully, Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans don’t have to start sharpening their pitchforks for Travis just yet. Turns out, the flirty comments were posted by a fake Travis Scott account, @Trvisxxxxxxxx (which does bear something of a close resemblance to Travis’ actual username, @TrvisXX.) He set up the prank by replacing his profile photo to match Travis’ and even went so far as to use a ‘J’ emoji in his display name in lieu of a verified check—and it actually worked to trip some people up.

The Twitter user has since changed his username, but here’s a screenshot of what his flirty tweets looked like at the time:

jordyn woods travis scott impersonator Some Thought Travis Scott Was Flirting With Jordyn Woods, Thanks to a Twitter Impersonator

But head over to Travis’ real Twitter account, and you’ll see that all he’s been posting about his how much he misses his family and his new music—which even Kylie is gassing up these days. Still, some fans were definitely fooled. One Twitter user wrote: “Travis Scott went from missing his family to wanting to smash Jordyn Woods’s cheeks in less than 30 minutes,” Oop!

Good thing it was all just a prank. Crisis averted, big time.


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