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Sofia Richie on Her Engagement Ring and Dressing Authentically

Photograph by Glen Luchford

Sofia Richie Grainge is still trying to figure out what caused the influx of attention around her extravagant wedding to record executive Elliot Grainge in April. The festivities—which took place over multiple days at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France—caused a social media storm, with thousands of tweets and TikToks dedicated not only to what the bride wore on her big day, but the whole week leading up to the “I do’s” as well. “It wasn’t calculated. It wasn’t planned,” Richie Grainge insists to W. “I was being honest and real, just being a girl. I feel like people could feel that and connect with it.” That may be true—but fans were also likely taken by the sophisticated glamour of the event, the three custom Chanel dresses that made up her bridal wardrobe, and the star-studded guest list.

Whatever the reason for the interest, the event rocketed Richie Grainge to style icon status, rendering her synonymous with the term “quiet luxury” and leading her to launch a clothing line of her own. It’s fitting, then, that Richie Grainge’s first big move following the nuptials is a partnership with David Yurman as the face of their new Sculpted Cable collection. In images shot at The Kellogg Doolittle House in Joshua Tree, Richie Grainge shows off the simple and sleek designs—ones that fit very nicely into her newfound aesthetic. Below, the 25-year-old discusses the campaign, her thoughts on the “quiet luxury” trend, and what to expect from her upcoming design debut.

Have you always been a fan of David Yurman jewelry?

Always. It was actually a bit nostalgic, being around the jewelry; my mom owns a lot of David Yurman, and it brought me back to my childhood.

What drew you to the pieces in the new Sculpted Cable collection specifically?

I’m a stackable girl. I love to stack my bracelets, my rings, my necklaces. I love to mix metals. What really drew me to the collection was how easy they all are to wear separately, but when they’re together, each piece complements the next.

Do you like to lay on the jewelry or do you prefer to pick one piece and let it shine?

It depends on the event I’m going to or the outfit I’m wearing. But in my day-to-day life, I’m a pretty simple jeans-and-a-t-shirt type of gal. Therefore, I love to wear a lot of jewelry. But if I were going to a wedding or an event and I’m wearing a gown, I don’t think I would stack as much as I do normally.

Photograph by Glen Luchford

What is your most prized piece in your jewelry collection?

My dad gave me one of his charms that he wore around his neck all the time. He had a few made. It’s a white gold “L” but it’s in his handwriting, so it’s super special to the family.

Do you wear it on a chain?

I don’t wear it, because I’m scared I’m going to lose it or hurt it. So it sits in my safe. I’ll bring it out on special occasions, but I just want to make sure it stays perfect.

What about your engagement ring? Did you design it with your husband?

I didn’t. We would kind of joke, like, “Ooh, maybe we get engaged one day,” and he asked me once, “If I ever do propose to you, maybe I should just have a picture of a ring you like.” So about a year before we got engaged, I AirDropped him, as a joke, a photo of a ring I really liked. He used the photo and made the exact same ring. I couldn’t believe it. It was really sweet.

Speaking of your wedding, it completely blew up on the Internet, as you know. Why do you think people were so interested in it?

You know, I ask that same question. I truly think I curated organic and real content around it. I wasn’t pushing anything. I just brought people along on my fairytale moment and I think people felt the authenticity in my content.

I also think people were taken with the beauty of it all. Like you said, it really seemed like a fairytale.

Yes, it was a dream come true for me. I spent almost 13 months planning that wedding, so I was really proud of it and how it came out—and I was very flattered that people enjoyed the vision that we created for that special weekend.

It also launched you to this status as a style icon. What has that been like?

It’s really flattering. I am a girl who puts a lot of energy into my outfits. I love fashion, and have my entire life. I’ve had a lot of evolutions of my style, and the fact that everyone has gravitated towards this era of my life is flattering. The reason I say that is because I feel the most me, I feel like the most powerful version of myself. So for people to connect with something that feels true is really nice.

Now that you have all these eyes on you, do you feel more pressure to dress a certain way?

I feel like I came to this position by being myself. So I had a moment after my wedding where I was like, “Oh God, I have to keep this up.” But I’m just going to continue to be myself. I’m not going to overdo it or do something I would not usually do. I’m just going to continue dressing how I would dress, doing what I would do. When I go out for a doctor’s appointment, I’m still going to wear my jeans and a t-shirt. It’s all about balance. I’m a real girl who can dress it up and do the most, but I can also wear sweatpants and UGGs. I’m staying true to me, and if people continue to connect with that, then I love it.

People have also really connected you with the term “quiet luxury.” When did you first hear it?

I first heard that term on TikTok when I got home from my honeymoon. I wasn’t really on my phone the week after my wedding. It was very chaotic and I just wanted to take in the moment with my husband. When I got back on social media, I was like, “Whoa! Quiet luxury, cool.” The term is cool. I think the term I would use for myself is “timeless,” but quiet luxury is cool, too.

It definitely seems like a flattering term. Better than something like “gauche” or “obnoxious luxury.”

No, I’m definitely not upset about it. But when we curated these looks for my wedding and when I curate my looks for anything, the phrase I typically use is “timeless attire.”

You recently announced you’re launching a clothing line. What are some things you knew you needed to include? Any pieces you’re excited about?

When I shop, I go to so many different places. One for gowns, another for ready-to-wear. So I really wanted to build a hub where you can buy all those things on one site.

We curated a large collection. We’re spending so much time on it, to really build high-end pieces and lower-end pieces, from ready-to-wear to formal nightwear. You can just buy everything in one spot. I think that’s why it’s taken so much time: it’s not a small launch. I’ve been talking about doing my own clothing line my entire life—and with me being a Virgo, I’m being a crazy perfectionist about it. You’ll be able to tell in every detail of every single piece in the collection that everything was done with love.

Do you think people will describe the line as “quiet luxury?”

Most definitely, yes.

Source: W Magazine

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