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So, Facebook Dating Just Launched In the United States, and We’re *Very* Intrigued

Although I know several couples who met on dating apps, I don’t really hear any of my friends begging for more virtual places to meet people who may or may not be interesting enough to actually, seriously date. It seems that many of us—myself included—are getting tired of all the different ways to “match” with people around us, though we’d all like to find someone special. After being tested for over a year, though, a new dawn is on the horizon: Facebook Dating has launched in the United States. I’m not saying this new way of online dating will instantly change the way we meet people (or that anyone really asked for another way for Facebook to keep us on their app), but, hey—maybe it’s worth a shot. And after looking into how Facebook Dating works, I have to admit I’m pretty intrigued.

Basically, Facebook Dating connects you with friends of friends it thinks you might want to match with or date. So, don’t worry. You won’t be paired up with your great aunt or the kid you went to elementary school with and haven’t talked to in 15 years. If you’re already Facebook friends with the person, you won’t be matched. However, say you are Facebook friends with someone you think is super cute and wouldn’t mind being matched up with. If that’s the case, you can use Facebook Dating’s “secret crush” feature. This allows you to add up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers (Slide into those DMs!) to a ~secret~ list. If they add you, too, you’ll both get a notification. It’s basically the modern day equivalent of your playground BFF telling you that your crush is also interested.

Facebook Dating

Facebook/The Verge.

Facebook Dating will also use groups and events to help match you with others. So, you might want to double check the groups to which you belong, because I’m sure we’ve all joined some strange ones since 2008. (Just me? K, cool.) Plus, the in-app dating program (Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to download anything separate from your Facebook app.) has an added feature to help protect you when you go on dates. Basically, if you’re on a date, you can temporarily share your live location and date details with a friend using Facebook Messenger. That way, your BFF can keep an eye out in case something looks fishy.

Facebook Dating

Facebook/The Verge.

Personally, I’m anxious to see how Facebook Dating works amongst my single friends, and if anyone actually meets someone worth the time. Online dating has become the norm, but is no less tedious (and perhaps more tedious) than dating before the Internet. The important thing, I guess, is a willingness to try. You might just find your perfect match.


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