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Shawn Mendes Just Revealed Exactly How Long He & Camila Cabello Have Been Together

During a Q&A in Hindmarsh, Australia on October 26, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s relationship timeline was revealed. Fans have been hopeful for a long time that the two performers would get together. Finally, this summer, intimate photos of the “Señorita” collaborators emerged. They were spotted canoodling, holding hands and—eventually—kissing the ocean. It was a “hot couple summer” for these two. And their anniversary?

Well, Mendes just revealed that they made their relationship official on Independence Day! “We haven’t been dating for that long, we’ve been dating since July 4 officially,” Mendes said during the Q&A. Naturally, his answer solicited a lot of “Awww’s” from the crowd.

Mendes and Cabello have been this year’s hottest couple so far. Fans were thrilled to learn the exact date that the two officially began dating. Twitter was suddenly flooded with photos of the lovebirds on July 4th, with sweet captions added. Mendes and Cabello were cuddling poolside and seemed extremely happy. They have seemed blissfully in love since this summer, and the drop in temperatures hasn’t tempered any of their passion. During an interview in early October, Cabello gushed about how she’s feeling these days. “I’m so happy. I’ve known him for such a long time and I don’t know, he just feels like home to me. Yeah, I’m really happy,” Camila said.

Now fans are joking that the only holiday they’ll recognize on July 4th is Camila and Shawn’s anniversary. LOL.

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