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Selena Gomez’s Fans Have Legit Lost It Over Her Childhood Photo

The queen of Instagram has returned with an iconic photo and caption and her fans are legit unable. Selena Gomez’s childhood photo theory has fans running to their various music streaming services trying to decide if the pic has anything to do with her new music. To back up a bit– the “Wolves” singer,r who has been slightly more active on social media as of late, just hopped on the ‘gram to share the sweetest childhood photo of herself. Though we were mesmerized by the adorableness–the caption is what sent fans into a tizzy.

Selena captioned the pic–“We always go into it blindly.” Within actual seconds of the post going live–Selena’s comment section was flooded with remarks like, “cute” or “cutie.” Then, the Selenators came running through our timelines and feeds with a massive theory. One Twitter user questioned, “possible lyric?” another exclaimed, “#SG2 is coming!!! The caption lyrics from a song!!!! SHE’S TEASING” One person said, “ITS A LYRIC I KNOW IT.”

If this is indeed a song lyric from one of Selena’s upcoming singles–this isn’t the first time she’s hinted at new music in this way. When she released her song  “Back to You” she did the same thing.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

This past summer rumors about Selena’s new music began to swirl. An insider told Entertainment Tonight, “Selena has been working on new music and plans to release some this year. The new music is going to be a different side of Selena and very personal. Selena has gone through a lot over the years and is ready to share it with the world.”

Since Selena has gone through so much since her 2016  Revival album was released –we’re sure she’s going to have a lot to say on this new collection of music. Back in June she told Jimmy Fallon

I’m actually done [my new album]. I have to do a few finishing things with it but I’m just relieved. It took me four years now to even feel at a good place with this album, and it’s just because I had such huge moments that happened in my life personally that ‘how was I going to capture that?’ and ‘how was I actually going to feel good about what I was saying?’ So I just kept going, and I’m relieved. I think there’s always going to be a sense of strong pop in my music, but I definitely explored more with electric guitar, a lot of more soulful tracks underneath things, acoustic guitar, it all kind of hits different places that I feel like is my lane for music. It’s just, ‘live in that world and mellow.’

We’re ready.

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