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Sabrina Carpenter Got Trendy Curtain Bangs Ahead of New Music

While fans wait as patiently as possible for her new album, playing “Skin” on repeat, Sabrina Carpenter is refreshing her hair to look her best for the big release. Don’t worry—she isn’t changing her hair color drastically. We can’t have two brunettes right now. (The drama!) Instead, Carpenter got her trendy curtain bangs refreshed and cut even shorter and her hair dyed a warm blonde.

The singer has been rocking long hair with grown-out bangs in an icy blonde hue. Around Christmas, her bangs were long enough to be another layer. But it seems she decided not to grow them out. Her hairstylist Laurie Heaps shared a snap of the singer with more typical curtain bangs with eye-framing layers. Her hair is also warmer and sunnier, a shade that really suits her skin tone. “New color, cut, music, era,” Heaps wrote on Instagram. Now, when you see the photo, don’t scream. Even though Carpenter’s hair looks short, Heaps reveals it’s just tucked into her coat. Hey, at least now we know Carpenter can absolutely pull off a big chop.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Although she’s looking a little different now, Carpenter has her old hair in what looks like it it could be the cover to her new album. She just wrote “coming soon” as her Instagram caption so fans are losing it over how fast soon really is.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

There’s truly no bigger hair trend right now than curtain bangs. Carpenter isn’t new to the bang game as she’s tried a few different styles to big success. She’s not the only one. Some may call it quarantine boredom. Just look at Gigi Hadid’s bangs that resemble her sister Bella’s, as well as Ashley Benson’s fringe. Between bangs and the modern mullet, it seems stars are back to taking risks with their hair—and we love it.

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