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Rosemary Oil Is All the Rage For Hair Growth on TikTok—& This $8 Option Brings ‘Amazing Results’ After 5 Weeks

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Anyone hanging out in the hair growth sector of TikTok is likely up to date on all the benefits of applying rosemary oil to the scalp; it can soothe inflammation while promoting fresh growth on receding hairlines and balding patches. Best of all, you only need pure rosemary oil to see these results, leaving out the need for any harsh chemicals or ingredients touching your scalp skin.

There are plenty of ways to secure a bottle of rosemary oil—including at your local pharmacy or Whole Foods—but if you’re going to start using something on the reg, it might as well come vetted by others. That’s the case with SVA Organics Rosemary Oil on Amazon; it has thousands of reviews from shoppers who say it really does work as intended.

SVA Organics Rosemary Oil


SVA Organics Rosemary Oil

“In as little as 5 weeks, I started seeing baby hairs and was amazed at seeing my after pic at 7 weeks,” wrote one 55-year-old shopper. “My hair, although still thin, was looking a lot fuller…I’m just blown away and so excited that a natural product is so effective and would highly recommend!”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “researchers found rosemary oil to be as effective at encouraging hair regrowth as minoxidil, a medication better known as Rogaine.” This is huge news for those that were overspending on hair growth treatments, because the SVA Organics option retails for just $10. Additionally, since rosemary oil is a less harsh substance compared to minoxidil, those with sensitive scalps may notice less sensitivity and itchiness. 

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That said, since rosemary oil is still very potent, you’ll want to dilute it with a carrier oil or water before applying to your scalp. Some folks have found putting their chosen blend into a spray bottle (Amazon carries this mist bottle for hair styling) and spritzing it onto the scalp regularly is the easiest form of application.

Considering reviewers say this oil in particular has a “light, non greasy texture that absorbs into the hair, leaving it soft and shiny,” you won’t want to waste anymore time without it. While some have remarked on its pungent scent, the pros truly outweigh the cons: “The oil has also helped to reduce frizz and prevent split ends, which is a big plus for me. I appreciate that the oil is 100% rosemary,” wrote another fan.

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