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RM Teased the New BTS ‘Break the Silence’ Documentary Yet Again Over Live Stream

While ARMYs are pretty certain at this point that we’re getting a new documentary series from the Bangtan Boys, we couldn’t necessarily say that the BTS Break the Silence documentary is confirmed altogether. No details about the project have been released aside from the title—as in, no release date, or official statements by Big Hit Entertainment. But 25-year-old BTS member RM let some promising details slip in a live stream after the news broke on March 10. Now, fans have little reason to doubt that this is really happening.

During his VLIVE stream on March 10—a.k.a. the same day that rumors of the new BTS documentary were reported—RM alluded to a big hint, seemingly confirming the news. While he didn’t explicitly mention the Break the Silence title, he did admit that he’d just returned from filming something, according to EliteDaily. Naturally, fans are taking that to mean that he and his fellow group members are busy wrapping up the docu-series.

It isn’t the first time that RM hinted at the documentary, either. Back in Aug. 2019, RM stopped by during one of Jimin’s VLIVE broadcasts. At the time, he innocently asked, “The show isn’t out yet, right? The one where we talk about our vacation?” Jimin, to his credit, tried to shut down the clue. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied.

At one point, RM slipped again: “There are a lot of behind [the scene] stories but I guess we will be able to share them with you later on.”

Perhaps we’ve already reached that point of “later on.” Fans on Twitter realized on March 10 that Big Hit Three Sixty—a sub-branch of Big Hit Entertainment—filed a copyright request for a new docu-series. In screenshots shared across social media, it appears that the Korean Music Copyright Association is already pending approval of Episode One and Episode Two of the series.

If all those BTS comeback videos like “Black Swan” are any indication, we can only expect one thing: This series drop is going to come around when we least expect it.


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