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Rihanna & Drake Are Sparking Up Dating Rumors Again & Wow, Be Still My Heart

Look, true love never dies, especially if we’re talking about RiRi and Drizzy. After sources spotted the pair together this weekend, it already seems possible that Rihanna and Drake are back together following her Hassan Jameel breakup. Reports flooded in on Friday, Jan. 17, about Rihanna’s split from her longtime beau, Hassan, a billionaire Saudi businessman. The pair kept a super-secret profile as they dated for three years, but now, it looks like Rih might be ready to re-enter the spotlight with a new man. At least that’s what fans are thinking after seeing a video, below, of her spending a night with Drake.

To their credit, the pair were spotted at a charity event. A concert called the Yams Day charity show took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center this weekend, and Rihanna, 31, and Drake, 29, were both in attendance. A quick clip was caught of the two standing next to each other in a crowd. We can’t say they look particularly cozied up, but maybe they just had their game faces on for the set by A$AP Mob.

Rih and Drake also stopped for photos with fans throughout the night. One pair of flicks show the artists posing with the same fan, which leads one to wonder if they just happened to switch around next to her. (Or even better: Imagine Rihanna and Drake trading off to take your fan photo. We can dream!) Either way, it pretty much confirms that they were hanging around together that night. Some fans already think it means they’re dating again.

The thing is, this all might just be wishful thinking for AubRih stans. While Rihanna and Drake definitely have a long relationship timeline with a deep history as friends, lovers, exes, and friends again, Rihanna was also spotted alongside A$AP Rocky at the concert.

And it isn’t the first time she was recently spotted alongside the rapper. In Dec. 2019, RiRi and A$AP Rocky reportedly attended the British Fashion Awards together. TMZ says that Rihanna even paid a visit to A$AP’s show in Sweden after he was released from Swedish prison.

So who’s it going to be, Rih? Honestly, we’ll be fine with neither, as long as it means R9 is on its way.


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