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Reviewers Say It’s ‘Mind Blowing’ Just How Large the World’s Biggest Blanket Is—BOGO 50% Off For Yourself

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If you’ve ever tried to share a small blanket with another person, you can probably immediately picture the struggle; both of you fighting for the most coverage underneath it. Now picture this: a blanket large enough to fit several people comfortably—or as one person wrote in the Big Blanket Co. reviews section, one large enough to fit them and their Great Dane. 

The Big Blanket Co. holds ownership of the “worlds biggest blanket,” and yes, it is that large. Clocking in at 100-square-feet, the Original Stretch Blanket is bigger than a king-sized blanket and weighs 11-pounds. But beyond its larger-than-life design, the blanket is also incredibly cozy to the touch. It’s made with a 4-way stretch polyester-spandex fabric blend that is four times softer than standard throw blankets. The brand describes it as “the yoga pants of blankets,” since it’s also temperature regulating. 

Big Blanket Co. Stretch Blanket

Big Blanket Co.

The Original Stretch Blanket

It’s definitely worth mentioning that the Original Stretch Blanket can also be run through any standard size washing machine, so you won’t have to think about carrying it to the dry cleaners every so often.

The bestseller—it boasts a 4.9-star rating—comes in a variety of colors and prints. But best of all, you can take advantage of a limited-time offer where if you buy one, you get another for 50 percent off. The Original Stretch Blanket also comes in other versions, like a tightly knit woven design and sherpa stretch design.

The Big Blanket Co. has plenty of other cozy essentials to peruse, including cloud-like bed sheets and blanket-like hoodies that are perfect for napping wherever you please. In fact, the latter sold out in just 12 hours after launching. Lucky for you, you can still join the waitlist right now to be notified of a restock before anyone else.

Big Blanket Co. Sheets

Big Blanket Co.

Sateen Dream Sheets

Big Blanket Co. Hoodie

Big Blanket Co.

Hideout Hoodie

If nothing else, pick up the Original Stretch Blanket that has reviewers “mind blown” over its proportions. “The coziest I have ever been in my life. Grateful that this soft and stylish blanket exists in the world at the same time I exist in the world,” wrote one.

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