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Reversible Is Changing the Online Luxury and Designer Fashion Space

The platform unites brands and retailers to make endless searching a thing of the past.

Merging the connectivity of social media with the accessibility of online shopping, REVERSIBLE looks to revolutionize the e-commerce experience in a new way. Boasting three key functions, the platform unites brands and retailers to make endless searching a thing of the past. 

Collaborating with a range of global retailers, REVERSIBLE’s “Omni-Channel Retail Aggregation” service sees over 300 stockiest integrated into its app. As well as having a buy/ask function for users to buy products and keep track of demand, it uses AI technology exclusive to the platform to scan its partner’s websites seamlessly allowing shoppers to compare prices, sales information all in one place.

With REVERSIBLE’s commitment to promoting a sustainable future in fashion, the platform’s “Marketplace” service connects vintage retailers and individual resellers to users around the world without platform fees. Assisting the journey of preloved goods and rare archives, the patented Measurable™ function can be used to digitally measure garments to get the perfect fit.

Lastly, the “REVERSIBLE Ensemble™” feature brings together social sharing into the retail buying realm. Aiming to build a community of fashion enthusiasts, users are able to share their fits on the channel, accurately tag the products they’re wearing and provide in-depth reviews of their favorite pieces. REVERSIBLE just launched its first in-App OOTD event on April 23rd. The event paid tribute to the dark aesthetic world of fashion master Rick Owens. Users will have a chance to win $1000 cash prizes by sharing outfits or videos featuring Rick Owens items.

 For more information and to join the REVERSIBLE community event, be sure to check out the website or download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play


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